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Phenibut – How to Dose Optimally

If you are looking for a cognitive boost that can actually work for you while being natural, then you should take a look at Phenibut. It is derived naturally and has been receiving positive reviews from everyone who has used it. 

Phenibut is reported to improve mood, reduce anxiety and enable restful sleep. It improves internal-neuronal communication which helps ‘coordinate’ both hemispheres of the brain better for improved results during problem-solving and giving you a creative edge.

Another important thing is that Phenibut also helps your brain recuperate from wear and tear while keeping it protected from future damage. Phenibut reduces stress in your brain, and this helps improve the longevity of your brain cells.

How does Phenibut work?

There are several chemicals in the brain, one of which is GABA which enables inhibitory responses within the neurotransmitters. GABA is produced naturally by the brain, and it keeps you from stressing yourself out too much. GABA reduces the firing rate of overactive neurons which has the effect of calming you down not just mentally but physically as well. 

Phenibut is pretty similar to GABA, and this enables it to cross the blood-barrier to travel into the brain. Phenibut acts as a vehicle for GABA, enabling it to cross the blood-barrier to benefit the nervous system. Another reason to be careful with your Phenibut dosage is that if the quantities are off even by a bit, it can result in less than optimal performance in the brain. 

Phenibut Benefits

Phenibut is one of the best natural methods you can use to calm down your brain and get more performance out of it at the same time. Several people have said that ingesting Phenibut has given them a much more relaxed outlook and helped them focus on solutions rather than the problems. 

This feeling of restlessness in individuals is caused by overstimulation of several neurons present in the brain. Phenibut, owing to its properties of emulating GABA reduces the firing intervals of the neurons giving the individual a more relaxed frame of mind. 

Another important fact is that Phenibut promotes better sleep. A lot of people prefer Phenibut to other strong sleeping pills and chemicals.

Phenibut HCL vs. Phenibut FAA

There are 2 distinct forms of Phenibut with important differences that you need to be aware of. Phenibut HCL is a zwitterionic or a dipolar ionic HCL salt. What this means is that it has both negative and positive charge. It is a lot easier to handle and has high water solubility.

The problem with this type of Phenibut is that it is very acidic and metallic to taste which means that it can irritate your olfactory area and wear down enamel a lot quicker. This makes it less than ideal for sublingual administration. It also only contains 83% of Phenibut and the other 17% is HCL.

The other alternative is Phenibut FAA (free amino acids). When people normally talk about Phenibut powders, this is what they mean. It has a bitter taste and is only moderately soluble in water. What is most important is the fact that it has a close to neutral pH which means it has none of the disadvantages associated with Phenibut HCL. Another critical factor is that it contains about 99.5% Phenibut is one of the purest forms.

“Sublingual administration of Phenibut is the ideal way to supplement it. Phenibut FAA is about 3X more effective than Phenibut HCL when taken this way.”

Phenibut Dosage

When it comes to Phenibut, dosages are a really important factor, and you need to be sure about how much you’re taking because even slightly more of the substance in general can have totally different effects than what you were looking for.

If you’re using Phenibut for the first time, then you need to start off with 250 - 500 mg initially twice a day then thrice when you feel up to it. This kind of dosage will give you a mild boost to mood and increase calmness in your mind. People who took smaller doses also divulged that they had improved sociability during this phase.

You need to make sure that you are okay with the earlier dose before you opt to take higher doses. A lot of people who are advanced at Phenibut intake opt for 500 – 750 mg taken twice daily. This increases the feeling of calm in your mind, and this will enable you to process information better.

Regardless of your experience levels with Phenibut, if you are returning to it after a period of time, we would suggest you start with a lower dosage before you resume your normal measurements. This is because you’re giving your body time to adjust.

The safe daily limit of Phenibut is about 2000 mg but we wouldn’t recommend stretching the body that far. Rather opt for about 1500 mg which should give you more than enough benefits for your brain. Also, you need to take care not to exceed 1000 mg per serving. While a lot of people think that Phenibut can’t be overdosed on, it is truly possible, and we urge you to respect the limits.

Phenibut Dosage Tolerance Buildup And Cycling

While the chemical GABA is made in the brain, a lot of it supplied through external stimuli will cause problems. This is because the human body is designed to adapt to different stimuli and ignore chemical imbalances up to a certain amount. What this means is that if you take Phenibut on a regular basis, your body slowly develops a tolerance towards it.

When your body is tolerant towards a certain type of chemical, it will not be absorbed as easily. You might notice this when you feel a general lack of cognitive performance even when you take your dose of Phenibut.

Tolerance build-up indicates either the user has been increasing dosages over time rather than acknowledging tolerance and keeping off the supplement for a while.

When this happens, people turn to cycling to reset their tolerances. Cycling is the process by which you take longer breaks in between supplementing or use alternatives for a period of time so as not to build up a tolerance to the original supplement.

The cycling periods for Phenibut which have proven to be the most effective and safest are a 3 day on period with a 4 day off period. If you’re starting out on Phenibut, this might not be the best cycling period for you. Your best bet is to start with 1 on and 3 off (or twice a week) before you get to 2 days in a row.

Phenibut and alcohol

Something else you need to remember about Phenibut is that the action it has of crossing the blood barrier is similar to alcohol. This is one reason why people taking Phenibut appear more sociable. Alcohol unlocks the GABA-A type receptors while Phenibut is responsible for GABA-B. The problem here would be that since both have similar mechanisms, the reactions of either would be unpredictable. So, if you are on Phenibut it's best to abstain from drinking or at the very least avoid heavy drinking. 

How long does Phenibut last?

A dose of Phenibut (250 mg) in an average person has a half-life of about 5 hours. After you’ve ingested Phenibut, you will feel the effects only until half of the dose is metabolized. This is also another reason why it is recommended to keep your dosage of Phenibut at least 6 hours apart if it’s a small dose and up to a day for a large dose (> 750 mg). Another thing to add is that you need to wait for similar time frames or even longer before you take alcohol or benzodiazepines. This is because all of these chemicals work in the same way which interferes with how each of them performs. 

How to take Phenibut?

There are several methods and forms of Phenibut that you need to be aware of. The cheapest and purest form of Phenibut is a white powder. You can also get it in capsule form or buy empty gel capsules and make your own capsules according to your dosage. 

The powder can be taken in 2 ways: 

Either straight up in the mouth and wash it down with water. Make sure that there is no Phenibut stuck around in your mouth after you’re done. 

Or, mix it with water and drink it all up. You need to take care to make sure that there is no residual Phenibut left in the glass after you’re done with it. 


Phenibut has drawn a lot of positive responses when it comes to giving people increased cognitive abilities and reducing anxiety. Considering it works at a molecular level, you need to make sure that you get the dosages on point. Just remember to adhere to the dosage and respect the fact you will have increased tolerance if you do not cycle properly. Do let us know in the comments below how your Phenibut experience was.

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