What Beginners Should Know About Phenibut

Phenibut – The Beginners Usage Guide

Original citing of the wonder drug Phenibut dates back to the 20th century in the Soviet Space Programs. It was used by the astronauts who experienced bursts of anxiety and stress while executing their duties. The nootropic community is rapidly recognizing Phenibut as the best drug for anxiety debilitating. With the recognition, comes a significant number of Phenibut fans. Some adhere to the recommended dosage and restrictions, while others have no regard for these important factors.

Phenibut is an impressive cognitive enhancer if used as prescribed. However, people tend to self-medicate and take more than what is recommended to experience a sense of euphoria. This leads to various complications and side effects. As with any other drug, Phenibut has a recommended dosage that has been set for different kinds of effects.

With the growing popularity of Phenibut, people are interested in learning the actual properties of the drug. These conversations spark questions about how the drug can be safely used, if Phenibut has any withdrawal symptoms and the tolerance level of the drug among others. Considering it is the most effective over the counter solution for various forms of anxiety, it is imperative to address these concerns to ensure that users get the most out of the use of this drug safely.

The Beginners Guide to Using Phenibut

Phenibut is widely known for being a clinical anti-anxiety nootropic. Once taken, it can effectively decrease any social inhibitions and extreme levels of stress and anxiety. Phenibut has the structural makeup of Gamma Aminobutyric acid; GABA. This anxiolytic also exhibits mild dopaminergic effects. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps to inspire feelings of positivity, especially when achieving goals and taking part in other positive experiences. Phenibut works by joining the alpha (2) delta calcium channels that are located in the brain along with the GABAB receptors. Phenibut is good for;

1. Improving and promoting healthy sleep patterns.

It builds up the alpha (2) delta calcium pathways. This is integral to the enhancement of slow wave sleep. Slow wave sleep is clinically known as one of the most restorative stages of sleeping that rejuvenates the mental and physical being of the user.

2. Eliminating various forms of stress and anxiety.

Phenibut helps to prevent the inhibition and ultimately eliminate social and general anxiety. It inspires a relaxed and calm state of mind once taken. For people who are chronically anxious or stressed, Phenibut helps to eliminate this state of mind and also improves the thinking ability, elevates the mood and generally makes the user confident of themselves.

Consequence of excessive use

Going astray from the prescribed intake instructions could possibly result to a host of complications. Some people tend to self-medicate and use Phenibut as a supplement for alcohol. The drug is known to work on the same receptors that alcohol affects. Taking Phenibut to attain effects other than what it is intended for is considered abuse of the drug. It can also potentially lead to detrimental effects that escalate to the point of mental impairment.

Among the symptoms of Phenibut intoxication include; impaired mental and physical intoxication, slurred speech, mild levels of amnesia and a hangover that resembles one that is experienced from the over indulgence of alcohol.

Users tend to misappropriate the effects of Phenibut due to the fact that it is sold as a nutritional supplement. It, therefore, becomes very easy to negate its potency and different side effects which will ultimately result in extreme dependence and progressive stages of withdrawal.

Tips for taking Phenibut

Phenibut should be taken on an empty stomach. This is due to the fact that the intake of food hinders the absorption and breakdown of the important elements in the drug. Once the drug is taken, it is important for you to wait for up to six hours to take another dose. Also, note that you are only allowed to re-dose if you do not feel any effects of the drug.

Phenibut can be taken for recreational and therapeutic purposes. The reaction to the drug is different for each user. Therefore it is important to consult a physician for adequate advice on the quantity that should be taken. Lighter doses are ideal for people who are looking to ward off anxiety symptoms and become more sociable and lively. For individuals who are looking to use Phenibut as a sleeping aid, doses of up to 1000 mg can be used.


Phenibut is one of the best anxiolytic drugs on the market. Regardless of the fact that it is readily available over the counter in most chemists and stores, it is imperative for you to take consideration of the effects that associate with it and the rules that pertain to its intake. Doing this will help you to experience the full potential of the drug without any adverse hindrances.

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