LGD 4033

My Results Before and After Using LGD 4033

I've been rigorously and religiously following a very specific workout routine for quite some time now, about 4-5 years. My main fitness goal is to lose fat and build on clean and lean muscle. I was a fat kid and I guess that's motivated me to get into fitness and truly work on my appearance and weight goals. And once my body started looking good, I started feeling great. 

I eventually met a lot of people at my gym who had similar interests and we formed a group of close-knit friends. All of us were on supplements. I was taking whey along with creatine and BCAA for enhanced performance both before and after my workout. However, I was still not too happy with my results and wanted to add on at least one more supplement to my daily routine to add that extra bit to my workout. I consulted with a few friends and many of them suggested taking steroids. However, I've always been very skeptical about steroids because, although they show almost immediate and visible results, they also tend to have major side effects that can really messed your health up. 

So, I did my bit of looking around and ended up learning about SARMs. These are drugs that are an alternative to hormone replacement therapy and can really help with boosting muscle growth. Between Ostarine and Ligandrol, I chose the latter because it seemed to be more specific to what I was looking for. I learned that Ostarine was more helpful for people with weak bones, so I decided that it wasn't the right choice for me. 

Before Taking LGD-4033 

I wouldn't call myself weak or anything, I have built a considerable amount of muscle and strength over time, but I wasn't completely satisfied with my results just yet. I wanted to be able to push myself and do more reps and sets, and maybe even venture into doing heavier weights. Usually, my diet consisted of more carbs and less protein, but I recently turned that around and opted for a more protein-rich diet

I can say that my muscle growth was visible, but the process was rather slow. It took me a whole year to build my calves and biceps to the size they are at today, but I know I have the potential to do more. This was when I started carb cycling, another type of diet where building mass and then cutting down is a proven technique to be more shredded. Of course, I knew that I had to consume something more to be able to see the changes I was hoping for. 

After LGD-4033 

I started off with a dosage of 5mg, because I didn't want to rush into it. After all, I was already taking other supplements and wasn't too sure of how they would react with this new drug in my system. I definitely felt more of a burn with my usual 10-minute pre-workout routine. And I was also able to push my sets a little more than usual, but I still felt the burn and in a good way. So, a week after taking 5mg, I decided to up the dosage to 10mg.

Surely enough, I saw some very interesting results. I figured that my muscle soreness lasted only a few hours, as compared to the usual duration of a whole day. Which meant that my muscles were recovering from my workout a lot faster than before, and this was the perfect opportunity to make my workout even more intense. Not just that, I noticed a sizeable difference in my muscle growth, and it was exactly what I was looking for. 

The side effects of taking Ligandrol are very minimal when you compare it with steroids. A proper diet and regular sleep cycle will easily help you overcome any of these side effects. Surely enough, my bone density had also increased over time and I was delighted to notice a good change in my body structure. 

So, if you ask me, I'd suggest LGD-4033 to any athlete or fitness professional who's trying to reach a certain body goal but is taking time to do so. This drug can be a potential catalyst in the process and help you get there sooner and more effectively!

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