How To Get The Most Out Of Phenibut

Phenibut – A Complete Usage Guide for Dosage, High and Withdrawal

Gone are the days of waking up in the morning with the only things on your to-do list being hunting mammoths and thinking about what type of fish you would once again be having for dinner.

The time of our Neanderthal ancestors certainly had its drawbacks, a distinct lack of Wi-Fi a major one, but it did seem simpler. Nowadays, our daily ration of 24 hours is filled with work, carpooling, dinner and then more work. It’s easy to unwind with a glass of your favorite drink in an effort to destress and simply introduce some calmness into a somewhat chaotic day. You may even make use of recreational drugs just to take the edge off. However, we know that drugs and alcohol are not healthy or sustainable crutches to lean on.

What if there was something better? Something that could make you feel seemingly euphoric without getting flak from your liver. What if this certain something was completely legal, available over the counter and didn’t even need to be taken every day?

Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to phenibut!

What is Phenibut?

The first question you might ask is, what exactly is phenibut? The simple answer would be that it is a Russian-developed nootropic. Next question would probably be, what exactly is a nootropic? These are basically cognitive-enhancing drugs or substances that improve mental functionality. These include functions that relate to memory, creativity and motivation.

Nootropics are known to have a largely positive effect on the brain. They are also referred to as “smart drugs”, “brain boosters” and many other terms. There are a hundred different types of Nootropics, and with scientists trying to come up with more and more unique formulas, there might as well be a hundred more even before we can keep a track of time. It’s a demanding world, no doubt, and the pressure on the mind and body is quite intense. And, as the mind tries to cope with all the competition and focus on working towards goals, it does require a booster or two to be able to function at its best form.

What are some of the basic functions of a Nootropic?

  • Supply more oxygen to the brain
  • More oxygen means that the nervous system functions better
  • Better passage for hormones and neurotransmitters throughout the body
  • There is stimulated availability of enzymes and better nerve growth
  • Overall enhanced brain function and analytical thinking capacity

It’s interesting to note that different Nootropics have been created to target different functions and parts of the brain. Some of them are good for improving memory, some for increasing mental capacity, and there are also some that help deal with mental conditions like anxiety and depression, that usually hinder regular productivity in a person.

Why Do You Need Phenibut?

If you feel like your brain can do much more than you are currently doing, or doubt that there might be some factors hindering the proper and optimal functionality of your brain, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the plunge and trying out a Nootropic like Phenibut, which might just help you do away with your problems. Having concerns about a drug like this or even being skeptical is a very normal thing, but there are testimonies to prove that the drug has some very plausible positive results when consumed in the right dosage.

It produces some really great effects and are used for many different reasons. Overall, it will give the user a sense of tranquility and well-being, making it a great option for anxiety and depression sufferers. It also really improves the mood of the user as it increases dopamine, the feel-good chemical, levels.

Have you ever been at a party or a social setting and anxiety or fear have raised their ugly heads? Who are these people? What should I talk about? Will they laugh at my dance moves? Then you decide to have a glass of wine and continue until you feel like the life of the party. It’s all fun and games until you wake up the next morning not remembering anything about the awesome night that everyone says you had. You can still feel that sense of social freedom and happiness that alcohol gives you, but without the blackouts.

Not only does the drug positively affect cognitive functions, it has also been shown to increase libido in female users. Some male users have said that it had increased their performance time and they felt that they could better control their ejaculations.

It is also aids in restful and healthy sleep. We all know that our bodies recharge when we sleep so in using phenibut, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving your body a well-deserved boost!

How Much Should I Take?

Every person’s biology and tolerance levels are different. What person A can handle may be way too much, or too little, for person B. This means that phenibut dosages will differ person to person. However, there are a few guidelines for taking the drug.

The smaller the dose, the more often you may need to take it daily. For example, a dose of between 250mg and 350mg would be required to be taken two or three times daily to feel an effect, albeit a mild one.

A dose of between 500mg and 750mg may need to be taken twice daily. This dosage will somewhat improve social anxiety, and will assist in giving you a fantastic night’s sleep.

There is a maximum dosage for phenibut, which is between 1000mg and 2000mg. It is highly recommended not to ingest more than the maximum amount. Overdosing may result in low heart rates, dizziness and a number of other nasty side effects.

Phenibut dosage amounts may differ depending on if you’re using phenibut FAA or phenibut HCL. We’ll discuss these terms later in the article.

It should not be taken more than twice a week as your body will become used to it and you won’t be able to experience many of the awesome benefits. In addition, you might build up a tolerance to the drug which may result in users experiencing withdrawal symptoms once they try to stop taking it.

How Do I Take It?

Phenibut is sold in a capsule form, crystal form and powder form. Because of its sour, bitter and sometimes chemical taste, most users prefer the capsules.

It is recommended to take it in the morning on an empty stomach with some water or juice. This will result in the user feeling the effects much quicker, in about two or three hours.

These euphoric feelings and other great effects can last for up to 24 hours, depending on the dosage and your body’s metabolism.

Where Can I Buy Phenibut?

This is dependent on your location but it is very easy to find vendors online and purchase the drug that way. However, as with most products online, you need to be careful to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality. Finding out where to buy phenibut is easy, but finding the best quality needs some research.

You should be looking out for two things, the price and of course the quality. Cheaper prices usually mean inferior quality.

You may be lucky enough to find high-quality phenibut in some health stores, but it’s definitely going to cost you.

Surf the web and have a look at brand reviews and recommendations before buying your first batch.

How Will I Feel After Taking it?

We’ve briefly touched on how euphoric and at peace the drug makes you feel, but what else is there?

Users need to be aware that not everyone will experience a high. It might be that they’re used to taking medication such as Xanax, or simply that it doesn’t work in that way for them. It does, however, produce a real feeling of calmness and tranquility.

How exactly does it work? Let’s start by saying that phenibut works on the brain in a similar way that alcohol, and even MDMA, does. This is why some users feel more sociable and at ease when taking it. Many of us would agree that being an introvert or having anxiety issues can make one quite awkward and closed-up in a public place or surrounded by new people. However, consuming alcohol or a certain type of drug makes a person feel more comfortable and confident, almost like revealing a new side to them that doesn’t surface otherwise.

Let’s have a quick lesson in biology. GABA receptors are kind of like keys to unlock certain other receptors in our brains. Phenibut binds itself to these GABA receptors and then actually activates these receptors to produce a certain effect.

So even though it has some of the same qualities and works in a similar way to other drugs, you won’t be left with a muddled brain. You’ll still have a clear and sober mind. Essentially, you’ll feel the good effects of being drunk without actually being drunk.

It is important to note that this shouldn’t be used as a recreational drug, but rather as a way to treat anxiety, depression and sleep problems. However, because of its many positive effects, people might use it just to feel good. This means that it can become addictive, just like many other recreational drugs.

Phenibut by LiftMode

There are many different brands and retailers of phenibut out there so it’s extremely important to find the right one to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality product.

LiftMode is a really reputable brand and is used by many consumers. What’s great about them is that each LiftMode phenibut container they sell comes with a measuring scoop and, more importantly, a lab analysis certificate so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The container itself is re-sealable so you know that your product will stay fresh and retain its original high level of quality.

It is important to note that there are no directions for use on the container as dosages will differ according to each user.

The Side Effects

We briefly touched on the many wonderful effects that phenibut has on your cognitive functions, and why it is a great option for anxiety and depression sufferers. Even sleep-deprived people can benefit from using it.

However, as with most drugs, it does have some negative side effects and they’re not pretty. It’s important to completely understand what the phenibut side effects are when using the drug.

Depending on the dosage, some users have experienced numbness or pain in their limbs. However, this feeling does go away after some time.

Again, dosage dependent, drowsiness can also occur. With it, come feelings of fatigue and fuzzy thoughts.

Anyone who is already taking prescribed medication for issues like depression, bipolar disorder or any mood stabilizers, taking Phenibut side by side might not be the best idea. These type of medicines act as inhibitors for the GABA pathway and could end up causing negative interactions in the body. Another set of people who are advised not to consume Phenibut are women who are pregnant or people who have serious hormonal complications. This might cause some unnecessary imbalances in the body and only add to their woes. Hormonal issues are usually quite hard to deal with as is, and have their own set of medication to be taken, so an additional drug might cause complications.

The main side effect is that users may easily build up a tolerance for the drug. If you start to notice any kind of decline or weakening of the positive effects, your tolerance for the drug might be increasing. Users will then want to consume more of the drug and when the time comes to stop taking it as it’s not giving you that high, the withdrawal process can be terrible.

Where Can I Find Out More About the Drug?

There hasn’t been much extensive case study research done with regard to this drug. Also, because the effects differ from person to person, there aren’t any once-size-fits-all results.

It’s important for users to find out as much as they can before trying the drug, or even before increasing their dosage. If you’re looking for some more information about phenibut, Erowid is the place to go. Websites like offer user experiences and phenibut reviews which showcase both the negative and positive aspects of the drug.

It’s important that users get a 360-degree view of the drug in order to make an informed decision on whether to use it or not.

What is Phenibut HCL?

It’s time for another quick biology lesson. Phenibut FAA (free amino acid) is different to phenibut HCL in the way in that the body absorbs it.

The latter is the most common type and is sold in a crystal form. It also dissolves much easier in liquid.

FAA actually has more phenibut per milligram, which means that users will likely use less of it. It is more expensive than its HCL counterpart and not as easily dissolvable.

Something important to note is that the recommended dosage and the way in which you take phenibut depend on if it’s FAA or HCL.

HCL needs to be dissolved in water or perhaps something a bit sweeter as it’s quite bitter in taste. You could also take it in a capsule, which is the medium most common for phenibut FAA, to mask the chemical taste.

Does GNC Sell Phenibut?

Most people may be familiar with the GNC brand and because of this, may hope to purchase phenibut GNC products from this reliable vendor.

Unfortunately, GNC no longer distributes this drug in their stores or on their website.

We’ve already stated that phenibut isn’t an illegal drug. However, users experience similar effects as illegal recreational drugs. This includes sometimes serious negative side effects and also withdrawal symptoms.

Because GNC is a publicly traded company, it adheres to government regulations. GNC would not want to be seen endorsing or producing a drug which has sometimes dire consequences and side effects for some users. In short, the image of phenibut, and all the negativity that sometimes come with the drug, is not good for GNC business.

Phenibut Withdrawal

There is an ugly side to this drug, and not just the negative side effects. Excessive uses of the drug will likely result in a tolerance build up. This means that users will use more of the drug to get back that initial phenibut high. When it becomes clear that that isn’t going to happen, they may decide to stop taking the drug altogether. However, this may come with its own set of problems, namely, withdrawal.

Some users take phenibut to treat anxiety. However, their levels of anxiety may actually increase and worsen once they stop taking the drug. This is especially evident in users who have previously ingested large amounts.

Fidgeting and not being able to sit still are also signs of withdrawals. On the flip side of that, some users also experienced extreme fatigue during the withdrawal phase.

Some more concerning withdrawal signs include hallucinations and heart palpitations.

Even though some of these symptoms are scary, there are some simple ways to deal with them and even decrease the severity of these negative effects. These include meditation and physical exercise.

To Take or Not to Take?

That really is the question. Phenibut really does have some amazing benefits, but because of the that, there is a real temptation to abuse the drug and not to use it for its actual purpose.

It’s essential for anyone who chooses to or wants to try out this drug to do a good amount of research and analyze their current medical conditions before taking the plunge.

People should be using phenibut for anxiety, depression and sleep problems. It is not a permanent solution to these problems and is by no means to be taken as chronic medication to assist in the treatment thereof.

Recreational use is really at your own risk as it can become very easy to become addicted to the euphoric feelings of ecstasy that come with taking phenibut.

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