How Long Does Modafinil Last

How Long Does Modafinil Last – All Your Questions Answered

I felt tired very often, and have even managed to fall asleep on a few occasions when I should've been working or planning my week out. This eventually lead to an erratic sleeping pattern and quite definitely messed up my entire routine. Probably the only solace here was knowing that a lot of working individuals I knew in my office and even personally were all going through similar situations, so at least I wasn't the odd one out. 

Sooner or later, when the tiresomeness started becoming a serious problem, I decided to take things into my own hands and go consult a doctor (laughs). I was suggested a dosage of Modafinil, a drug that I had never heard or read of before that very moment. More research taught me that it was a smart drug or Nootropic that was designed specifically to make people feel more active physically and also increase mental cognition and brain performance. Voila! The fix had been found, but of course, it came with a few guidelines. 

Much like any new user of the drug, I had quite a few queries in mind. My number one query though, was this: how long do the effects of Modafinil actually last? Is it long enough to make a real difference? 

To understand how the rate of absorption and effectiveness of Modafinil works in the body, I had to understand a few scientific facts too: 

  • There's this thing called a “half-life” of any substance, which basically refers to the amount of time it takes for there to be only half of the given substance remaining. With medicines, it's a little harder to calculate this because of the varying rates of absorption and retention by the body. So, for a 200 mg dosage of Modafinil, the half-life is usually between 5-6 hours after consumption. 
  • Modafinil is made up of two types of enantiomers, which are nothing but mirroring molecules which make up a substance. These two types would be the R type and the S type. 
  • The S type doesn't have much importance when compared to the R type, because the R type retains itself in the body much longer than the S type does. 
  • A larger dosage of Modafinil would typically last a much longer time, but it isn't advisable unless you have a larger body weight or are having it right after a very big or heavy meal. 

So, how long does it last?

A 200 mg dosage should typically come into full swing or effectiveness 2-3 hours after consumption. This is roughly the time it takes for the drug to reach maximum concentration in the blood plasma. This is when you are at your fullest potential with the drug, and your physical and mental performance levels see a significant rise. You think faster, move quicker, and sleep or laziness are definitely not even on your mind! 

This effect then continues to last for about 8-10 hours, after which you can actually feel the effects of the drug wearing off and your body slowly slipping into a more tired or “normal” state. Which is why I usually prefer to take the drug in the morning or when I'm beginning a long day at work, so that I don't feel tired or fatigued when I'm out and about. And, once I'm back home after a long day, the drug pretty much wears off after 12 hours and I'm ready to take a hot shower and fall asleep. 

Again, all of this is quite subjective. I have a friend who says his Modafinil effects last only 6 hours, while another who claims to stay active for more than 15 hours in a day. I guess it has a lot to do with varying metabolism rates, and diet and body type as well. Either way, Modafinil is perfect for someone who wants to ward off any unwanted sleepiness during a busy day and feel active when it's most required!

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