Building a Tolerance for Modafinil

Building a Tolerance for Modafinil and How You Can Deal With it

I think the decision to start using a "smart drug" was a big step forward for me. Even when I had heard from a few friends that they were using Modafinil and had seen positive results, I couldn't gather up the courage and take the plunge. 

However, a few weeks ago, I finally did my bit of searching, consulting, scanning and ended up convincing myself to take up the wonder drug and really see how wonderful it is, firsthand. 

Honestly, the supplement worked great. It's perfectly safe to use and of course, I only took it after I consulted my doctor first. My problems or issues were basically centered around feeling very stressed or tired all the time, finding it particularly hard to fall asleep and then wake up in the morning feeling lost and lethargic. Even my mood was never too great, since my body was feeling more and more fatigued by the day. That's the reason I decided to introduce Modafinil into my life and see what it could do for me. 

The first few days were perfect- I was a lot more awake, less tired, more focused and determined both at work and at home. I began feeling almost invincible, which eventually lead to a boost in my self-esteem and confidence. So, all in all, I knew I had made a smart choice for myself. 

However, as all good things go, the happiness didn't last too long. I realized that I was beginning to develop a tolerance for Modafinil, and I was truly upset about it.

Developing a tolerance

What exactly does it mean to develop a tolerance to something? It's like getting used to taking something so much that your body doesn't react to it like a foreign object anymore. Personally, I've had instances where painkillers have stopped working after a point if I've taken too much in a short span of time. This can happen with other medicines too for fevers or colds. 

Now, if you do manage to build a tolerance for a smart drug, it can be quite unfavorable for you, considering that you might get back to feeling lazy and inactive all over again. So, I did my bit of looking up and found out that there are ways to avoid becoming tolerant to Modafinil and making sure the drug continues to show positive and visible results. Here's how: 

  • Don't take too much of it! Sure, I know it's tempting to pop in one or two more on a day when you know your brain is going to really need that boost, but you're risking your body becoming tolerant to the drug. Hence, limit the usage.
  • Don't take it too regularly either! Consuming modafinil back-to-back days is a bad idea, especially if you want the drug to be your new friend for a longer time period. Skip days, go for maybe 3-4 days a week instead of every day of the week.
  • Try other drugs too. Many other forms of nootropics give basically the same results and effectiveness as modafinil, except that they differ in terms of composition and dosage. So, you can switch between 2 or more similar nootropics and create an organized cycle. This way, you won't develop a tolerance to any of them!
  • However, you might need to cut down on your consumption of other regular drugs such as supplements and painkillers. Smart drugs are most effective when they aren't mixed too much with other substances.
  • So remember to limit how many other drugs you're consuming to avoid building a tolerance. If you're a coffee lover, here's some good news! Consuming coffee on the day that you take a smart drug actually enhances the effect of both the products. So, the caffeine is definitely a catalyst in the process, which means you won't need too much of the Modafinil or any other smart drug to start experiencing the results. Make sure the coffee is organic and pure though, because some preservatives can have negative effects. 

Any smart drug needs to be taken in moderation and also with a lot of care! I've learned this through personal experience and can vouch for long-term benefits from nootropics, as long as you know exactly how not to build a strong tolerance to it. 

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