Good and Bad of Using Tongkat Ali

The Good and Bad of Using Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is also known as LongJack. Scientifically, it's known as eurycoma longifolia. It has been around in southeast Asian countries for decades now, which is why it is also grown and cultivated in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. They recognized its properties as an aphrodisiac many years ago, and it eventually became popular in countries all over the world. This herb is also known as Pasak Bumi and Tung Saw in the colloquial languages.

Today, this herb has been turned into supplements like powders and pills which can be purchased at stores and also online. Different brands have released ranges of supplements that have Tongkat Ali as the key ingredient.

It is no secret that as men and women get older, their bodily functions also get weaker. Many middle-aged men complain of suffering from problems like reduced energy levels, reduced sex drive, lack of enthusiasm and also erectile dysfunction. These are very common issues as one gets older and the body begins to age.

The same goes for women. As their bodies go through more wear and tear with age, they also suffer from problems like increased body fat and constant fatigue mentally and physically. These can become major hindrances to the smooth flow of daily life and work routine, which is why many people turn to supplements for help.

Many medical therapies are expensive and can also have a number of side effects if performed incorrectly. Tongkat Ali is definitely a more inexpensive alternative to making the most of a number of benefits. Let's take a look at these: 

Benefits for men 

Tongkat Ali has been proven to increase the levels of testosterone in the male body, which is the primary male hormone that affects factors like sexual performance, semen production, muscle growth and so on. This is particularly helpful for men who find a significant difference in their sexual performance as they get older and also feel like the frequency of body aches and muscle weaknesses are increasing with time. 

Because of increased testosterone, there is a significant rise in the libido as well. This is where Tongkat Ali's aphrodisiac properties come in handy.
The quality of sperm also increases, which is scientifically proven to diminish with age and time. Fertility in men can see a decrease with age, which is why this supplement can be a good option for any middle-aged man who might want to conceive and also improve the quality of his semen.

Better muscle growth and also better fat loss are two other benefits of this wonder herb weightlifters and bodybuilders have been using Tongkat Ali supplements for many years, as it really helps with burning fat more effectively and also rebuilding lost muscle due to the increased secretion of growth hormones.

Bone health is definitely improved with the consumption of these supplements, as the secretion of the male hormone is instrumental in maintaining the health and vitality of bones and muscles in the body. More testosterone means better bone health and strength, which can increase the longevity of healthier bone density.

Benefits for women

The stress hormone cortisol increases in secretion in women as they get older, which is why middle-aged women often complain of constant and erratic mood swings and breakdowns. Tongkat Ali actually helps with reducing the secretion of cortisol in the body, which means that it makes women feel more emotionally and mentally stable and there are also lesser instances of stress and anxiety. 

Age can make the body get tired faster, so this supplement can significantly increase the levels of energy and vigor in women. Considering that a woman's body goes through a lot of physical changes over time, this energy boost is great for letting the body heal faster and bounce back quicker.

Tongkat Ali provides a libido boost for women too, some studies have shown, by increasing the sensitivity and elasticity of the sexual organs in women. This also eventually results in better sexual performance.

For women who put on weight easily with age, Tongkat Ali can be instrument in getting rid of excessive fat cells by consumption of these supplements, along with a regular exercise routine.

Hence, it's clear to see that this wonder shrub from different parts of Asia has a number of useful benefits and advantages for both men and women!

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