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Adrafinil Review – A Smart Drug That Improves Alertness And Concentration

What is Adrafinil?

We are living in an increasingly competitive and tough world. It takes a lot to deal with the stress of everyday life. Memory loss, inability to concentrate and mental fatigue are some of the most common symptoms of stress. Several drugs and medications can help overcome these problems. Adrafinil is one such drug that is used by medical practitioners to treat patients with such issues.

Adrafinil is a synthetic Nootropic compound that increases wakefulness and alertness. Being a stimulant, it fights sleepiness without causing hyperactivity. Some studies have also shown that Adrafinil helps improve memory.

Adrafinil is metabolized into Modafinil in the liver. Modafinil is more commonly used for the treatment of daytime sleepiness and narcolepsy. Since it is metabolized into Modafinil, long term supplementation is not advised. Both Adrafinil and Modafinil are currently banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Sources and Structure

Adrafinil ((diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid), is a prodrug of the stimulant Modafinil. It is classified as a eugregoric agent which promotes alertness and mental acuity. It is a synthetic substance as it is not found in food sources. It does not have amphetamine-like stimulatory effects.

When it comes to competitive sports, Adrafinil is considered a banned substance as it is used as a stimulatory agent. It is classified as a “non-specified stimulant.”

Regarding structure, Adrafinil is very similar to the bioactive metabolite, Modafinil. However, Modafinil lacks a terminal amide hydroxyl group ((diphenyl methyl)sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid) which is found in Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Dosage

The dosage range of Adrafinil is relatively wide. According to the package insert, the recommended dose is 2 to 4 tablets daily, which is about 600 to 1200mg. While users have reported varying degrees of success on taking higher doses, an amount above what is specified on the package is not considered safe for human beings. Determine the amount of active ingredient within your particular formulation before deciding on an Adrafinil dosage.


Adrafinil is metabolized to Modafinil in the liver, and both have similar pharmacological effects. When it comes to Adrafinil, the results take longer to be apparent as it requires more time to build up to active levels in the blood stream. It takes about 60 minutes for the drug to work when taken orally.

Neurology (Mechanism of action)

Adrafinil relies on postsynaptic α-adrenergic activity. It causes an increase in locomotion that is blocked by yohimbine (α2 antagonist), prazosin (α1 antagonist) or phenoxybenzamine (mixed α-antagonist).

Adrafinil and Modafinil act on α-adrenergic receptors. It must be noted that the mechanism of action of Adrafinil is different from other amphetamine-like stimulants.

Adrafinil Benefits

Many research studies have shown how Adrafinil powder impacts the human body and brain. It is a way of treating individuals who are dealing with narcolepsy or sleep deprivation. This drug allows people to be more productive by helping them stay awake and alert. Modafinil and Adrafinil have been found to be as effective as amphetamines without the adverse side effects.

Aside from the anti-fatigue and alertness benefits, Adrafinil has been found to improve memory and concentration. It has a positive effect on mental acuity and general cognitive abilities.

Here are Adrafinil benefits detailed:

Increased mental energy levels

Adrafinil is a stimulant and so it increases blood flow to your brain which results in several cognitive benefits. It increases your overall mental energy levels, while augmenting your attention span and mental stamina. It does this through the stimulating the increased production of dopamine, histamine, and norepinephrine. These directly correlate to wakefulness and energy levels.

Better moods and protection against mood swings

It gives you enhanced mood which can make you more productive and give you a boost when you are at work. This is due to the fact that metabolized Adrafinil releases serotonin which alleviates anxiety and helps you feel more relaxed. When you have better moods, you feel less fatigued and this translates in a better time for you even after work.

Increasing focus and clarity

Adrafinil is not just a wakefulness agent – it increases your mental focus as well while at the same time giving you a sense of calm which can help you perform better. It is also found to increase retention which makes it very popular among students.

While there are other wakefulness promoting agents like stimulants that are available on the market, Adrafinil doesn’t give you jitters and make you hyperactive. People actually reported that Adrafinil has made them more aware of their surroundings and helped them cope with daytime sleepiness a lot better.

Adrafinil Side Effects

When taken in the right dosage, Nootropic supplements are not considered dangerous. However, there are some side effects and health risks to be aware of before taking Adrafinil.

Adrafinil can cause an increase in chances of heart problems and lead to a rise in blood pressure. People with existing conditions must be careful as this drug can intensify symptoms. Some other side effects of Adrafinil include dry mouth, nausea, sleep issues, irritability, and anxiety. Some of the less common but possible side effects are hallucinations, bruising easily, chest pain and heart palpitations.

If you suffer from any heart conditions, avoid taking Adrafinil as the possible strain on your heart is a large concern. Liver issues can also arise if this drug is taken for extended periods of time. This is due to the buildup of enzymes in the liver.

It is recommended to follow the dosage that is specified on the pack to avoid unwanted side effects. Avoid mixing Adrafinil with other stimulants such as Adderall or caffeine. It is important to talk to a doctor about any pre-existing conditions to rule out any issues and avoid other drugs that could interfere with the effects of Adrafinil.

Adrafinil Interaction with other drugs

While most people find Adrafinil to be effective on its own, it can also be used with other nootropics such as Noopept, piracetam, and phenylpiracetam. A popular combination that is ideal when dealing with extended periods of mental work is Adrafinil with Noopept. This can be particularly useful when extreme focus and attention are required.

Adrafinil Safety

Adrafinil is legal to use in the USA and many other countries such as Australia, Mexico, the UK and Canada. It is considered a safe and effective supplement and can be purchased without a prescription.

Of course, it is important to take precautions when taking Adrafinil. The risks of liver issues are similar to using Tylenol or Aspirin.

Start with the lowest dose of around 100 to 150 mg. You can then gradually work up from here as required. The maximum dosage of 300 mg should never be exceeded without consulting a medical practitioner. A good way to prevent tolerance or the buildup of unhealthy enzymes is by following an on-off cycle. There are several Adrafinil reviews available online to find out more about how to safely take this drug.

Adrafinil Adverse Reactions

While adrafinil is taken by more than a few people, it has to be understood that physiologies are vastly diverse and what works for one person would not for another. This means that every other person would have a completely reaction to adrafinil than anyone else. While some people might feel that this is the best thing that ever happened to them, other might be hit with a fusillade of unwanted reactions. While this might not be for the majority you still need to keep them in mind, so you can be prepared for the worst.

Allergy symptoms

People have reported that after taking Adrafinil, they’ve had symptoms resembling classical allergies. Blocked nostrils, breakouts on your skin, itchy throat are all things that seem to flare up for some people as soon as they take adrafinil.


A lot of people do take Adrafinil for its anxiolytic properties but for some of them, it can work just the opposite. The increased awareness and focus can be too much to handle for some people and they react badly to it. Chemically, this is because of increased stimulatory neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine.

Increase in blood pressure

While not used as a psychostimulant, Adrafinil is known to augment the feeling of psychomotor arousal which is accompanied by increased norepinephrine, sympathetic activation and decreased neural neuroelectric activity.

Dry Mouth

This is actually more common than most other symptoms when you take Adrafinil. Several users complain that they get xerostomia which is uncomfortable and bothersome. Adrafinil produces complex changes that slows down the production of saliva in the mouth. Most people report subsiding symptoms after their body gets used to it while other people say it gets worse for them.

Adrafinil Alternatives

A liver friendly alternative to Adrafinil is Modafinil. However, it can be difficult to get your hands on as it requires a prescription. If you don’t want to deal with the side-effects of Adrafinil, there are alternatives available. Phenylpiracetam provides an improvement in energy levels and cognitive abilities without the side effects. This drug is faster acting than Adrafinil erowid and does not cause the jitteriness that is brought on by high levels of caffeine.

100-150 mg of Phenylpiracetam can be taken 2 times a day. It is best to take this drug only when needed, such as when facing an important interview or when you need to stay attentive for a long period.

Adrafinil vs. Modafinil

Both Adrafinil and Modafinil serve the same purpose of stimulating alertness and wakefulness. While they function similarly, Modafinil acts faster, and its effects are longer lasting. Both are used as energy supplements and in the treatment of sleep disorders and fatigue. Adrafinil and Modafinil also provide cognitive benefits and help improve memory.

The major differences between Modafinil and Adrafinil are the speed at which they act and the potential side effects. Adrafinil capsules can be bought in the U.S. without producing a prescription, but you require a doctor’s prescription for Modafinil. Under the Controlled Substances Act, Modafinil is classified as a schedule IV substance.

When it comes to weighing out the pros and cons of Adrafinil vs. Modafinil, the latter is a better option for long term use since it does not need to be broken down by the liver. There is a higher risk of hepatotoxicity (liver damage) with Adrafinil, and its effects do not last as long as those of Modafinil. However, Modafinil also has some unfavorable side effects such as heart damage (cardiotoxicity) due to extreme fluctuations in blood pressure. So it is important to use both these drugs sparingly and not daily unless recommended by a doctor.

Where to buy Adrafinil

While there are many brick and mortar stores where Adrafinil is available, most users opt to buy it from online stores. There are many reputed e-commerce websites which stock and sell Adrafinil.

Before buying this drug from an online store, it is important to read Adrafinil reviews from customers and find out about the store’s reputation. The website must be legal and have all its licenses in place. Check all the information available on the site regarding the quality of the drugs, expiry dates, etc.

It is also a good idea to check the website or store’s return and exchange policies. They must be totally transparent regarding their terms and conditions, guarantees and refunds offered.

Comfort and convenience are the two primary advantages of buying Adrafinil from online stores. These websites also offer more competitive rates than brick and mortar stores due to the low overhead costs. It makes more sense to buy this drug online, especially if you are using it on a long-term basis.


When you examine the various features, pros and cons of Adrafinil, there’s no reason to believe that the drug is not safe, if taken in the correct dosage. While long term usage is not recommended, it is safe for use as any serious side effects are rare. Given the changing dynamics of our lives and jobs, this drug is becoming necessary these days. It is also relatively inexpensive when bought from reputed online e-commerce websites. If used correctly it can help you become more active and productive in many ways.

By following the dosage recommendations and guidelines mentioned above, you will be able to use Adrafinil in a healthy manner and enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

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