Piracetam Powder is A Good Idea

Why Making the Switch to Piracetam Powder is A Good Idea

Anyone who is keen on taking good care of their mind and brain function has definitely heard of and probably even used piracetam. However, to someone who is completely new to brain supplements in general, piracetam might be an entirely new term. 

Brain supplements have become increasingly popular over time, and advancements in technology have facilitated the manufacturing of some very effective and interesting brain supplements that have shown promising results. In fact, doctors themselves prescribe these supplements to patients because they are scientifically approved and are also paving the way for many more new supplements being created for better performance levels in humans on multiple fronts. 

Who uses Piracetam? 

Let's understand what exactly piracetam is and why so many people unanimously agreed on its benefits and advantages for the nervous system. 

Ever heard of piracetam supplements? These and all other forms of brain supplements mostly originate from piracetam. These are synthetic compounds which have been specifically designed to boost brain activity, cognitive function, and other nervous activities. In short: effects give brain supplements. Since piracetam is the pioneer form of these drugs, most people trust it to be the best form as well. While the exact working module of piracetam is a more scientific thing to understand, one thing is clear: it most definitely has a positive effect on receptors and neurotransmitters in the human body. 

The age-range for people who can use piracetam is also vast, right from those who come under the "senior citizen" category, all the way down to toddlers. Of course, the dosage and frequency of usage vary accordingly. 

Let's outline a few basic advantages of using piracetam:

  • Increased focus and concentration skills
  • Quicker responses and better analyzing power
  • Better protection against blood clots and slow nervous responses
  • Helps with illnesses that impair cognitive functioning
  • Also reduces pain and symptoms caused by inflammation due to tried and tested anti-inflammatory properties
  • Faster transmission of neuro signals within the body
  • In general, brain activity and function sees an improvement in quality and quantity

Side-effects of Piracetam powder 

Piracetam doesn't have any serious documented side-effects, except for minor, short-lived ones like a headache and mild insomnia. This comes as a relief because some brain supplements can cause serious after-effects which can completely mess up the nervous system. 

Choosing between piracetam powder and piracetam tablets 

  • In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, both the powder form and tablet form offer pretty much the same. They have the same composition and also give the same boost to the brain. 
  • Now, in terms of convenience of consumption, one would naturally prefer taking a tablet because it's as simple as popping in, washing it down with water and you're done. The power form, however, has a very strong and bitter taste, so it has to be mixed with something sweet like a juice or a shake. Now, at home, this wouldn't be an issue but if you're on the go or at work, it might be a task to find a suitable fluid to ingest it with. 

Now, here's the catch: piracetam tablets are definitely more expensive than the powder form. Comparing the two, tablets cost about 50 cents per gram, which doesn't seem like a big amount for a single tablet, but does mount up in price when you purchase a bottle of the pills. The powder, on the other hand, costs only 10 cents per gram. If you're smart enough, you can easily purchase gelatin capsules in bulk and make your own piracetam capsules, which is definitely the more cost-effective solution. 

Purchasing Piracetam powder from a reliable seller 

This is very important, one aspect that you absolutely should not overlook. Buying fake or adulterated version of piracetam can not only be ineffective in your brain but might also cause adverse side-effects that will cause you harm. Hence, it's essential that you purchase only from a licensed and trustworthy supplier/seller.

How do you judge if a supplier is trustworthy or not? 

Look for reviews, testimonials, nootropics forums; absolutely anything online that can give you a rough idea of which seller is the most reliable one. Thanks to the freedom of expression on social media, a lot of consumers are very vocal and honest about their experiences. 

How much can you buy? 

When you do decide to buy the powder instead of the tablets, you've essentially cut your costs by a great amount. Buying in bulk is a smart option if and only if you're sure of using this supplement for a long and continuous period of time. However, if you're still on the fence and not sure if this is the right supplement for you, then go for tablets initially. 

The good thing about piracetam powder is that it has a long shelf-life, so you can afford to store larger quantities of it and use it over a longer period of time. 

Planning out the dosage 

Piracetam can most definitely be taken on a daily basis, but it's important not to overdo it. Hence, the two options would be to take one single dosage in a day, preferably in the morning, or split the same dosage into 3 equal parts and take it with 3 meals in a day. 

The dosage varies according to age and weight. For an adult, anywhere between 1.5 to 4.5 grams a day is suitable, based on the weight and absorption rate. Ideally, 1.6 grams is the prescribed dosage if you plan to consume it at one shot in a day. 

It's important to consume it only on an empty stomach or at least half an hour before your meal since it is water soluble. Again, the bitter taste can be quite unnerving, so juice is the best way to consume it. 

You can boost your dosage a little bit in the first few days, just to get your body used to the supplement. It doesn't have any serious side-effects, so it's safe to do this, but only for a few days. 

So, if trying out piracetam powder is on your agenda, you should definitely go ahead and do it!

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