Everything You Need To Know About ModafinilCat

Update: ModafinilCat has unfortunately shutdown. If you want to read about alternatives which can offer the same level of service, you will find them towards the end of this article.

Over the years, members of the nootropics community have searched for a platform that offers them access to the smart drugs that help to make life easier. This has been proven a challenge due to the subpar and potentially harmful drugs that are being masqueraded as smart drugs by various backstreet pharmacies. These smart drugs and supplements aid in enhancing productivity levels and also eliminating fatigue that might be present due to accumulated fatigue. They are modified to help in cognitive functions and ultimately give person prevalence in their day to day activities.

The entrance of modafinilcat into the market three years ago provided a reliable solution to the nootropics community. With its entry into the market, modafinilcat brought the ease of getting access to drugs like modafinil. Modafinilcat is a merchant of generic armodafinil and modafinil drugs. Popularly known as the ‘fast and fluffy modafinil online pharmacy,' the online entity was created in order to cater to the increasing numbers of people especially from UK, US, Australia and Canada that use the product.

ModafinilCat Products

Modafinilcat has a range of products under its umbrella. The drugs are manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals and HAB pharmaceuticals which are located in India. The two companies are renowned for their ability to produce high quality cognitive generic drugs.

Modafinilcat is the prominent retailer of Modafinil and Armodafinil which are categorized into products like Modvigil, Modalert, Artvigil and Waklert. These products are manufactured with the same ingredients that the more expensive products in the market have. Modafinilcat products are manufactured in 200mg packages of modafinil and 150mg of armodafinil. The potency of the products has been known to last throughout the day when taken in the prescribed dosage.

Legal Status of Modafinil

The legal status of a drug refers to the regulations and law that has been imposed on a particular drug by the designated health and human services department of a country. Modafinil has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration board of the US, and it has been given a ‘schedule IV’ status. This basically means that Modafinil has been approved for treatment and can be used with a prescription from a certified physician.

In Canada, it has been given a ‘schedule F’ status which also means that the regulation body has permitted the use of the products but only under a legitimate prescription. In Australia and the UK, modafinil has been given a ‘Schedule 4 and POM- Prescription medicine only- status as well.

The governing bodies in each of these countries have given this status to modafinil cat products due to the fact that the drug is not susceptible to abuse by its user and is also minimal dependence chances.

How to Buy Modafinil

The process of buying modafinil through the modafinilcat site has been made easier and more efficient. The shipping timeline of any product is one thing that makes people discouraged from buying products online. Once a person decides to buy the product, it is also imperative that they know how they can access it easily.

Modafinilcat has the main page that the users have to access to get the listing of the range of products they can purchase. Once a user is logged onto the page, the process of buying modafinil mainly includes;

  1. The products have been color coded for easier identification. The modafinil products are coded green and purple. 
  2. Once the product of choice has been selected, the user will proceed to choose the quantity required. Modafinilcat products can be purchased in quantities of 40, 80, 100, 200 and 300. It is also important to note that, the higher the volumes, the lower the price goes. 
  3. After the selecting the quantities the user requires to purchase, the next step is checking out. This page has a checkout form that requires the user to fill in the name, email address and the shipping location. 
  4. Once the checkout form has been filled, and the order has been cleared, the user then selects the mode of payment of choice. Modafinilcat accepts Visa, Bitcoins, and MasterCard.

Once these processes have been followed, modafinilcat sends the tracking number to help know the progress of the shipment. The package arrives in three to thirty five days of ordering modafinil depending on where the person is located.

Buying Modafinil without a Prescription

Many people are skeptical about buying prescription drugs online without having the actual prescription. The common misconception is that the customs board will hunt the buyer down and pin down various criminal charges that will keep them locked up for a while or just the fact that many of the online pharmaceuticals sell drugs that have not been approved by any governing body. Most people who look for modafinil online want to explore the potential of the product before going in for a prescription.

The reality is that buying drugs online is a complicated and dangerous venture if the right avenues are not followed. Modafinilcat has simplified the process of getting modafinil online. Using Modafinilcat ensures that the product gets to the buyer safely and also reduces the chances of it being seized by customs. It is very challenging for the customs department to prosecute anyone for shipping modafinil without a prescription. This is due to the fact that proving that the order was made by a specific person that received the shipment and not anyone who want to implicate the person is a challenge.

For countries that have not been listed in the shipment list, modafinilcat has collaborated with several ‘mail forwarding’ companies to help the consumers from those countries to circumvent the restrictions that have been imposed.

Modafinilcat experience

Modafinilcat has grown to have a wide range of users from countries all over the world. It has gained recognition for connecting the consumers to high quality generic products that can easily substitute the pricier products in the market.

Users have defined the modafinilcat experience as efficient, easy and enjoyable. Orders arrive in time in comparison to other providers in the market. The products from these vendors have no adverse side effects and do not leave the users feeling over energized.

One user even cites the modafinilcat experience as ‘upgrading the RAM in the brain. Modafinilcat strives to ensure that the consumers receive value for their money and also put the safety and wellbeing of the modafinil users in mind.

ModafinilCat review

As trusted vendors of modafinil, the modafinilcat online entity has continued to give their customers products that advocate for a constant state of relaxed concentration. Modafinilcat also has a website that has an easy to use interface and a presentable appearance. Numerous users have stated the benefits that come from ordering products from them which include;

Diverse Payment methods

Modafinilcat has various payment methods including Visa, MasterCard and bitcoin. The addition of the crypto-currency appeals to its users due to the safety and security it offers in terms of no possibility of a paper trail. They also offer attractive discounts to new clients, repeat customers and the users who pay using bitcoin.

Excellent refund policy

In any case the products are stolen, lost or seized by customs, modafinilcat then sends out another package or even refunds the client the full amount that was paid. Modafinilcat is very sensitive to the plight and worry of clients when it comes to losing items that they have paid for. 

Order tracking

Modafinilcat has an intricate order tracking systems. Once a product is dispatched for shipment, the client receives regular updates via email and text. The updates are sent every time the shipment is scanned so that the client keeps tabs on the status of the order.

Good Prices

When ordering from Modafinilcat, you are also paying for the reliable service that these vendors provide. The prices give utmost value for money and exceptional service that will warrant a repeat purchase. The products also get to the customer in a shorter time than the time that most of the other providers deliver.

Round the clock customer service

Modafinilcat have a dedicated customer service and support teams that are available 24/7 to answer the questions that clients might have in regards to the product or impending shipment. 


Once the decision has been made to explore the possibilities and potential that modafinil has to offer, the chance to try it has been made easily available. Modafinilcat offers its users a straightforward and convenient way to order generic products that uphold every health and safety standard made. The topic of purchasing cognitive drugs online tends to be a contentious issue and it needs to be approached using the right channels.

There is no better way to give yourself an edge over everyone else in anything you do other than using products from Modafinilcat. Modafinil helps to unlock capabilities and puts the user in the right frame of mind to counter challenging, social, academic and professional environments and fully enjoy the benefits of being a member of the nootropics community.

More about the update:

Modafinilcat has closed down. This leaves a lot of people who were dependent on authentic smart drugs to give them their cognitive edge in dismay. Fortunately, we have researched a couple of alternative that can offer equivalent products and at affordable prices.

ModafinilCat Alternatives

Changing places where you buy nootropics has always been a sensitive issue, especially when you’re used to an online portal so much that you only trust their products. But rest assured, you will find a great experience with the alternative we have chosen for you.


DuckDose borrows a lot of elements from Modafinilcat and this gives it a familiar feeling. But the similarities are not just skin-deep, their products as well as their after-sales support are stellar.

DuckDose has 4 products they sell, Modafinil comes as 2 different variants Modalert and Modvigil 200. They also have Armodafinil which are Waklert and Artvigil 150.

When it comes to buying modafinil, the more you buy the more of a discount you get. The price difference between smaller numbers and a larger number is almost 50% so you can get a large discount when you shop in bulk.

Afinil Express

Another alternative that is equally competent but might be slightly more expensive – Afinil Express has the same products as DuckDose but with an overall pricing that is slightly more than DuckDose. Nevertheless, if you don’t find what you want on DuckDose, you can try ordering through Afinil Express, chances are they would have it.

The same products, Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert, and Artvigil show up here as well. Except for the small difference in pricing (on some bundles), the rest of it pretty much the same. You should be served well with both websites and they sell genuine nootropics.

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