Gabapentin- A Non-narcotic To Save You

Can Gabapentin Can Be Classified As A Narcotic?

Gabapentin drug, also known as Neurontin has been available on the market since the early 1990’s. Initially, this drug was only administered to epileptic patients to combat seizures. Years later, this drug, which is also an anticonvulsant, has been seen to have analgesic properties which make it an ideal pain reliever. Since then, this drug has since been used to suppress a number of ailments, but, is this legal?

To what would be unexpected for many people, Gabapentin has been purchased as an off-label treatment much more than it has for been for the uses intended earlier. Today, this drug is used for various off-label treatments for patients suffering from; alcohol withdrawal, hot flashes, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome.

The fact that gabapentin has not been listed as a narcotic makes it to easily be obtained by repeat users. This leads to the question by Gabapentin’s critics, is this drug a narcotic?

What Is A Narcotic?

Narcotic is a term that can be used to informally refer to drugs or substances that interfere with one’s mood or behavior. The term is commonly used to refer to illegal drugs or those taken without proper health prescriptions.

Legally, narcotics are controlled substances whose usage, if necessary, must be supervised. Narcotics are known to cause adverse effects such as addiction and an uncontrolled ‘high’.

narcotics addictive

That said does Gabapentin affect one’s mood or behavior? Is it available for purchase without proper prescriptions? Let’s do a step by step analysis.

Is Gabapentin Legal?

Possessing gabapentin should only be under doctor’s prescriptions. Much as this prescription is said to be allowed, it is illegal to have it without a proper prescription. Nevertheless, the fact that its supply remains uncontrolled, obtaining this drug is considerably easy.

Does This Drug Alter One’s Mood after Use?

Gabapentin is linked to frenetic moods. Some reviewers of this drug say that they felt a surge of excitement after use. Others said that they felt calmer and relaxed after taking it. As much as relaxation does not directly relate to one’s mood, it is a state that can alter it.

Is This Drug Sold For Non-Medical Purposes?

In many cases, Gabapentin is sold as a prescribed treatment for epilepsy and bipolar disorders. Nevertheless, as it is not controlled, this drug can be obtained by specific individuals as an off-label prescription. Continued usage is said to cause ‘Gabapentin high’ feeling causing users to become recreational users. Addicted users need occasional sellers, right?

Does Gabapentin Affect One’s Behavior?

Agreed, Neurontin (Gabapentin) has no noticeable change in user’s behavior, however, many said that they became bolder and social after using this drug. The excitement may be higher in the event of an overdose.

over excitement

Going by the informal definition of ‘narcotics’, and by the effects discussed above, (influencing both mood and behavior) Gabapentin may be described as a narcotic. We have also seen that the drug can be obtained for non-prescription purposes. However, if Gabapentin is administered by a doctor, and used correctly, then it cannot be referred to as a narcotic.

Reasons Why Gabapentin Has Not Been Officially Declared As a Narcotic

  • Unlike many known narcotics such as heroin, there has not been any sufficient evidence to proof that Gabapentin causes addiction.
  • All narcotics are controlled substances. For instance, morphine which can be used in supervised medical conditions as a controlled substance. Gabapentin, on the other hand, is not controlled and thus cannot be referred to as a narcotic.
  • Narcotics, whose usage is allowed only under supervision, require tangible prescriptions but Gabapentin is a prescription drug and continuing dosages can even be prescribed electronically.
  • Gabapentin is said to cause only a mild ‘high’ feeling that can hardly drive users to take overdoses or any related abuse.
  • Chances of developing tolerance to Gabapentin effects are much lower compared to other illegal drugs like heroin.
  • There are limited cases of Gabapentin overdose. This is because many people only follow doctor’s instructions on usage.

Final Verdict

When compared to other drugs that have officially been classified as narcotics, Gabapentin causes lower intoxication. As a matter of fact, there aren’t many ardent drug abusers illegally consuming this drug as there are that are yearning for illegal drugs like hydrocodone.

From a legal perspective, Gabapentin is not a narcotic. There is no official medical proof of its dependency and addictiveness, and unlike substances declared as narcotics, this drug is not a controlled substance. The chances of its abuse are also relatively lower.

In an informal context, Gabapentin can be classified as a narcotic. One can substantiate this claim by saying that this drug has the ability to cause intoxication when taken in high doses and that people willing to withdraw from its use have had a hard time.

Away from the legal and informal perspectives, what is your personal view? Have you had an experience with Neurontin? Would you consider it as narcotic?

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