Phenibut Your Complete Guide

What is Phenibut? – A Comprehensive Guide To The Wonder Nootropic

The nootropic community is witnessing a renaissance in the variety of smart drugs that are being engineered in the pursuit of optimal cognitive function. The market is getting saturated with these highly desired drugs owing to the numerous numbers recorded in the nootropic community.

These smart drugs and supplements assist in eliminating fatigue, improving the body’s productivity levels and enhancing cognitive functions. They are primarily optimized to give an individual a distinct edge over their daily activities.

Phenibut is a prominent drug in the nootropic community. It was developed in the late 20th century in Russia. It was originally created for Russian astronauts who experienced bouts of anxiety and stress during the course of their duties.

The concept behind the invention was to relieve this stress and anxiety without actually affecting the mental and physical performance of these astronauts. Over the years, it has gained prominence as a solution to various ailments including anxiety, which plague people who go through their days in a fast-paced environment and a great amount of pressure.

Phenibut contains a chemical that has the same composition with a chemical component in the brain known as Gamma Aminobutyric acid; GABA. It is derived from Beta-Phenyl-Y-Amino butyric Acid.

How Phenibut Works

Once the drug goes into the system, Phenibut moves across the blood-brain blockade that has been formed from the inclusion of the phenyl rings. Once it crosses over, it binds to the GABA receptor which then triggers the expulsion of the GABA. This, therefore, means that Phenibut acts as a hypothetical key that unlocks the essential receptors in the brain.

The GABA receptors are unlocked depending on the kind of dosage that the user takes. Aside from improving the cognitive function and overall mood, experts also state that Phenibut enhances the release of dopamine.

Many people take Phenibut due to its ability to create a calm cognitive environment for the undeterred execution of tasks. It is also known to effectively combat fear, insomnia, fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder; PTSD, depression mild levels of alcoholism among much more. It is preferred by members of the nootropic community as it alleviates any feelings of anxiety and stress in different kinds of situations.

When taken in small doses, Phenibut is able to make the user experience a sense of extreme calm, uplifts the moods and feel relaxed as well. In the case of a social platform, the drug gives the user an edge over the people around them and even goes a step further to make them sociable. Phenibut is also known to be highly potent. Once taken, it lasts through the day and ensures that regardless of the environment, your mind is in a state of complete calm and peace.

When taken in slightly higher doses, Phenibut is able to assist the user in combating insomnia. It essentially assumes the role of a sleeping aid. In a higher dosage, Phenibut works directly on the part of the brain that is affected by alcohol which translates to helping induce peaceful sleep through the course of the night.

Phenibut is preferred by most people as it is not likely to make one addicted. Many of these cognitive enhancers are laced with ingredients that make the user dependent. Conversely, Phenibut can be used daily without the possibility of getting the user hooked to it.

Where is Phenibut bought?

Phenibut is widely accessible in ecommerce and online stores. It is sold as a nootropic supplement that can be purchased in the form of salt-like crystals, powder or capsules. When buying this drug without a subscription, be sure to consult your physician for comprehensive advice on the indications and side effects it might have on any other medication that is being taken.


Phenibut features as one of the advanced nootropics with a host of benefits to the user. People who need to enhance their cognitive functionality, gain some social skills during direct confrontations, improve energy levels and eliminate the fluctuation of moods can be able to achieve all this using Phenibut.

However, users should adhere to the prescribed regulations that dictate the use of this drug. Failure to do this will result in extreme side effects that are detrimental to the progress made in regards to handling depression and anxiety. Users should ensure that they stick to the rules and dosage recommendations so that they can experience the optimal benefits of Phenibut.

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