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Why Making the Switch to Piracetam Powder is A Good Idea

Anyone who is keen on taking good care of their mind and brain function has definitely heard of and probably even used piracetam. However, to someone who is completely new to brain supplements in general, piracetam might be an entirely new term. 

Brain supplements have become increasingly popular over time, and advancements in technology have facilitated the manufacturing of some very effective and interesting brain supplements that have shown promising results. In fact, doctors themselves prescribe these supplements to patients because they are scientifically approved and are also paving the way for many more new supplements being created for better performance levels in humans on multiple fronts. 

Who uses Piracetam? 

Let's understand what exactly piracetam is and why so many people unanimously agreed on its benefits and advantages for the nervous system. 

Ever heard of piracetam supplements? These and all other forms of brain supplements mostly originate from piracetam. These are synthetic compounds which have been specifically designed to boost brain activity, cognitive function, and other nervous activities. In short: effects give brain supplements. Since piracetam is the pioneer form of these drugs, most people trust it to be the best form as well. While the exact working module of piracetam is a more scientific thing to understand, one thing is clear: it most definitely has a positive effect on receptors and neurotransmitters in the human body. 

The age-range for people who can use piracetam is also vast, right from those who come under the "senior citizen" category, all the way down to toddlers. Of course, the dosage and frequency of usage vary accordingly. 

Let's outline a few basic advantages of using piracetam:

  • Increased focus and concentration skills
  • Quicker responses and better analyzing power
  • Better protection against blood clots and slow nervous responses
  • Helps with illnesses that impair cognitive functioning
  • Also reduces pain and symptoms caused by inflammation due to tried and tested anti-inflammatory properties
  • Faster transmission of neuro signals within the body
  • In general, brain activity and function sees an improvement in quality and quantity

Side-effects of Piracetam powder 

Piracetam doesn't have any serious documented side-effects, except for minor, short-lived ones like a headache and mild insomnia. This comes as a relief because some brain supplements can cause serious after-effects which can completely mess up the nervous system. 

Choosing between piracetam powder and piracetam tablets 

  • In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, both the powder form and tablet form offer pretty much the same. They have the same composition and also give the same boost to the brain. 
  • Now, in terms of convenience of consumption, one would naturally prefer taking a tablet because it's as simple as popping in, washing it down with water and you're done. The power form, however, has a very strong and bitter taste, so it has to be mixed with something sweet like a juice or a shake. Now, at home, this wouldn't be an issue but if you're on the go or at work, it might be a task to find a suitable fluid to ingest it with. 

Now, here's the catch: piracetam tablets are definitely more expensive than the powder form. Comparing the two, tablets cost about 50 cents per gram, which doesn't seem like a big amount for a single tablet, but does mount up in price when you purchase a bottle of the pills. The powder, on the other hand, costs only 10 cents per gram. If you're smart enough, you can easily purchase gelatin capsules in bulk and make your own piracetam capsules, which is definitely the more cost-effective solution. 

Purchasing Piracetam powder from a reliable seller 

This is very important, one aspect that you absolutely should not overlook. Buying fake or adulterated version of piracetam can not only be ineffective in your brain but might also cause adverse side-effects that will cause you harm. Hence, it's essential that you purchase only from a licensed and trustworthy supplier/seller.

How do you judge if a supplier is trustworthy or not? 

Look for reviews, testimonials, nootropics forums; absolutely anything online that can give you a rough idea of which seller is the most reliable one. Thanks to the freedom of expression on social media, a lot of consumers are very vocal and honest about their experiences. 

How much can you buy? 

When you do decide to buy the powder instead of the tablets, you've essentially cut your costs by a great amount. Buying in bulk is a smart option if and only if you're sure of using this supplement for a long and continuous period of time. However, if you're still on the fence and not sure if this is the right supplement for you, then go for tablets initially. 

The good thing about piracetam powder is that it has a long shelf-life, so you can afford to store larger quantities of it and use it over a longer period of time. 

Planning out the dosage 

Piracetam can most definitely be taken on a daily basis, but it's important not to overdo it. Hence, the two options would be to take one single dosage in a day, preferably in the morning, or split the same dosage into 3 equal parts and take it with 3 meals in a day. 

The dosage varies according to age and weight. For an adult, anywhere between 1.5 to 4.5 grams a day is suitable, based on the weight and absorption rate. Ideally, 1.6 grams is the prescribed dosage if you plan to consume it at one shot in a day. 

It's important to consume it only on an empty stomach or at least half an hour before your meal since it is water soluble. Again, the bitter taste can be quite unnerving, so juice is the best way to consume it. 

You can boost your dosage a little bit in the first few days, just to get your body used to the supplement. It doesn't have any serious side-effects, so it's safe to do this, but only for a few days. 

So, if trying out piracetam powder is on your agenda, you should definitely go ahead and do it!

My Results Before and After Using LGD 4033

I've been rigorously and religiously following a very specific workout routine for quite some time now, about 4-5 years. My main fitness goal is to lose fat and build on clean and lean muscle. I was a fat kid and I guess that's motivated me to get into fitness and truly work on my appearance and weight goals. And once my body started looking good, I started feeling great. 

I eventually met a lot of people at my gym who had similar interests and we formed a group of close-knit friends. All of us were on supplements. I was taking whey along with creatine and BCAA for enhanced performance both before and after my workout. However, I was still not too happy with my results and wanted to add on at least one more supplement to my daily routine to add that extra bit to my workout. I consulted with a few friends and many of them suggested taking steroids. However, I've always been very skeptical about steroids because, although they show almost immediate and visible results, they also tend to have major side effects that can really messed your health up. 

So, I did my bit of looking around and ended up learning about SARMs. These are drugs that are an alternative to hormone replacement therapy and can really help with boosting muscle growth. Between Ostarine and Ligandrol, I chose the latter because it seemed to be more specific to what I was looking for. I learned that Ostarine was more helpful for people with weak bones, so I decided that it wasn't the right choice for me. 

Before Taking LGD-4033 

I wouldn't call myself weak or anything, I have built a considerable amount of muscle and strength over time, but I wasn't completely satisfied with my results just yet. I wanted to be able to push myself and do more reps and sets, and maybe even venture into doing heavier weights. Usually, my diet consisted of more carbs and less protein, but I recently turned that around and opted for a more protein-rich diet

I can say that my muscle growth was visible, but the process was rather slow. It took me a whole year to build my calves and biceps to the size they are at today, but I know I have the potential to do more. This was when I started carb cycling, another type of diet where building mass and then cutting down is a proven technique to be more shredded. Of course, I knew that I had to consume something more to be able to see the changes I was hoping for. 

After LGD-4033 

I started off with a dosage of 5mg, because I didn't want to rush into it. After all, I was already taking other supplements and wasn't too sure of how they would react with this new drug in my system. I definitely felt more of a burn with my usual 10-minute pre-workout routine. And I was also able to push my sets a little more than usual, but I still felt the burn and in a good way. So, a week after taking 5mg, I decided to up the dosage to 10mg.

Surely enough, I saw some very interesting results. I figured that my muscle soreness lasted only a few hours, as compared to the usual duration of a whole day. Which meant that my muscles were recovering from my workout a lot faster than before, and this was the perfect opportunity to make my workout even more intense. Not just that, I noticed a sizeable difference in my muscle growth, and it was exactly what I was looking for. 

The side effects of taking Ligandrol are very minimal when you compare it with steroids. A proper diet and regular sleep cycle will easily help you overcome any of these side effects. Surely enough, my bone density had also increased over time and I was delighted to notice a good change in my body structure. 

So, if you ask me, I'd suggest LGD-4033 to any athlete or fitness professional who's trying to reach a certain body goal but is taking time to do so. This drug can be a potential catalyst in the process and help you get there sooner and more effectively!

How Long Does Modafinil Last ? All Your Questions Answered

I felt tired very often, and have even managed to fall asleep on a few occasions when I should've been working or planning my week out. This eventually lead to an erratic sleeping pattern and quite definitely messed up my entire routine. Probably the only solace here was knowing that a lot of working individuals I knew in my office and even personally were all going through similar situations, so at least I wasn't the odd one out. 

Sooner or later, when the tiresomeness started becoming a serious problem, I decided to take things into my own hands and go consult a doctor (laughs). I was suggested a dosage of Modafinil, a drug that I had never heard or read of before that very moment. More research taught me that it was a smart drug or Nootropic that was designed specifically to make people feel more active physically and also increase mental cognition and brain performance. Voila! The fix had been found, but of course, it came with a few guidelines. 

Much like any new user of the drug, I had quite a few queries in mind. My number one query though, was this: how long do the effects of Modafinil actually last? Is it long enough to make a real difference? 

To understand how the rate of absorption and effectiveness of Modafinil works in the body, I had to understand a few scientific facts too: 

  • There's this thing called a ?half-life? of any substance, which basically refers to the amount of time it takes for there to be only half of the given substance remaining. With medicines, it's a little harder to calculate this because of the varying rates of absorption and retention by the body. So, for a 200 mg dosage of Modafinil, the half-life is usually between 5-6 hours after consumption. 
  • Modafinil is made up of two types of enantiomers, which are nothing but mirroring molecules which make up a substance. These two types would be the R type and the S type. 
  • The S type doesn't have much importance when compared to the R type, because the R type retains itself in the body much longer than the S type does. 
  • A larger dosage of Modafinil would typically last a much longer time, but it isn't advisable unless you have a larger body weight or are having it right after a very big or heavy meal. 

So, how long does it last?

A 200 mg dosage should typically come into full swing or effectiveness 2-3 hours after consumption. This is roughly the time it takes for the drug to reach maximum concentration in the blood plasma. This is when you are at your fullest potential with the drug, and your physical and mental performance levels see a significant rise. You think faster, move quicker, and sleep or laziness are definitely not even on your mind! 

This effect then continues to last for about 8-10 hours, after which you can actually feel the effects of the drug wearing off and your body slowly slipping into a more tired or ?normal? state. Which is why I usually prefer to take the drug in the morning or when I'm beginning a long day at work, so that I don't feel tired or fatigued when I'm out and about. And, once I'm back home after a long day, the drug pretty much wears off after 12 hours and I'm ready to take a hot shower and fall asleep. 

Again, all of this is quite subjective. I have a friend who says his Modafinil effects last only 6 hours, while another who claims to stay active for more than 15 hours in a day. I guess it has a lot to do with varying metabolism rates, and diet and body type as well. Either way, Modafinil is perfect for someone who wants to ward off any unwanted sleepiness during a busy day and feel active when it's most required!

The Good and Bad of Using Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is also known as LongJack. Scientifically, it's known as eurycoma longifolia. It has been around in southeast Asian countries for decades now, which is why it is also grown and cultivated in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. They recognized its properties as an aphrodisiac many years ago, and it eventually became popular in countries all over the world. This herb is also known as Pasak Bumi and Tung Saw in the colloquial languages.

Today, this herb has been turned into supplements like powders and pills which can be purchased at stores and also online. Different brands have released ranges of supplements that have Tongkat Ali as the key ingredient.

It is no secret that as men and women get older, their bodily functions also get weaker. Many middle-aged men complain of suffering from problems like reduced energy levels, reduced sex drive, lack of enthusiasm and also erectile dysfunction. These are very common issues as one gets older and the body begins to age.

The same goes for women. As their bodies go through more wear and tear with age, they also suffer from problems like increased body fat and constant fatigue mentally and physically. These can become major hindrances to the smooth flow of daily life and work routine, which is why many people turn to supplements for help.

Many medical therapies are expensive and can also have a number of side effects if performed incorrectly. Tongkat Ali is definitely a more inexpensive alternative to making the most of a number of benefits. Let's take a look at these: 

Benefits for men 

Tongkat Ali has been proven to increase the levels of testosterone in the male body, which is the primary male hormone that affects factors like sexual performance, semen production, muscle growth and so on. This is particularly helpful for men who find a significant difference in their sexual performance as they get older and also feel like the frequency of body aches and muscle weaknesses are increasing with time. 

Because of increased testosterone, there is a significant rise in the libido as well. This is where Tongkat Ali's aphrodisiac properties come in handy.
The quality of sperm also increases, which is scientifically proven to diminish with age and time. Fertility in men can see a decrease with age, which is why this supplement can be a good option for any middle-aged man who might want to conceive and also improve the quality of his semen.

Better muscle growth and also better fat loss are two other benefits of this wonder herb weightlifters and bodybuilders have been using Tongkat Ali supplements for many years, as it really helps with burning fat more effectively and also rebuilding lost muscle due to the increased secretion of growth hormones.

Bone health is definitely improved with the consumption of these supplements, as the secretion of the male hormone is instrumental in maintaining the health and vitality of bones and muscles in the body. More testosterone means better bone health and strength, which can increase the longevity of healthier bone density.

Benefits for women

The stress hormone cortisol increases in secretion in women as they get older, which is why middle-aged women often complain of constant and erratic mood swings and breakdowns. Tongkat Ali actually helps with reducing the secretion of cortisol in the body, which means that it makes women feel more emotionally and mentally stable and there are also lesser instances of stress and anxiety. 

Age can make the body get tired faster, so this supplement can significantly increase the levels of energy and vigor in women. Considering that a woman's body goes through a lot of physical changes over time, this energy boost is great for letting the body heal faster and bounce back quicker.

Tongkat Ali provides a libido boost for women too, some studies have shown, by increasing the sensitivity and elasticity of the sexual organs in women. This also eventually results in better sexual performance.

For women who put on weight easily with age, Tongkat Ali can be instrument in getting rid of excessive fat cells by consumption of these supplements, along with a regular exercise routine.

Hence, it's clear to see that this wonder shrub from different parts of Asia has a number of useful benefits and advantages for both men and women!

Building a Tolerance for Modafinil and How You Can Deal With it

I think the decision to start using a "smart drug" was a big step forward for me. Even when I had heard from a few friends that they were using Modafinil and had seen positive results, I couldn't gather up the courage and take the plunge. 

However, a few weeks ago, I finally did my bit of searching, consulting, scanning and ended up convincing myself to take up the wonder drug and really see how wonderful it is, firsthand. 

Honestly, the supplement worked great. It's perfectly safe to use and of course, I only took it after I consulted my doctor first. My problems or issues were basically centered around feeling very stressed or tired all the time, finding it particularly hard to fall asleep and then wake up in the morning feeling lost and lethargic. Even my mood was never too great, since my body was feeling more and more fatigued by the day. That's the reason I decided to introduce Modafinil into my life and see what it could do for me. 

The first few days were perfect- I was a lot more awake, less tired, more focused and determined both at work and at home. I began feeling almost invincible, which eventually lead to a boost in my self-esteem and confidence. So, all in all, I knew I had made a smart choice for myself. 

However, as all good things go, the happiness didn't last too long. I realized that I was beginning to develop a tolerance for Modafinil, and I was truly upset about it.

Developing a tolerance

What exactly does it mean to develop a tolerance to something? It's like getting used to taking something so much that your body doesn't react to it like a foreign object anymore. Personally, I've had instances where painkillers have stopped working after a point if I've taken too much in a short span of time. This can happen with other medicines too for fevers or colds. 

Now, if you do manage to build a tolerance for a smart drug, it can be quite unfavorable for you, considering that you might get back to feeling lazy and inactive all over again. So, I did my bit of looking up and found out that there are ways to avoid becoming tolerant to Modafinil and making sure the drug continues to show positive and visible results. Here's how: 

  • Don't take too much of it! Sure, I know it's tempting to pop in one or two more on a day when you know your brain is going to really need that boost, but you're risking your body becoming tolerant to the drug. Hence, limit the usage.
  • Don't take it too regularly either! Consuming modafinil back-to-back days is a bad idea, especially if you want the drug to be your new friend for a longer time period. Skip days, go for maybe 3-4 days a week instead of every day of the week.
  • Try other drugs too. Many other forms of nootropics give basically the same results and effectiveness as modafinil, except that they differ in terms of composition and dosage. So, you can switch between 2 or more similar nootropics and create an organized cycle. This way, you won't develop a tolerance to any of them!
  • However, you might need to cut down on your consumption of other regular drugs such as supplements and painkillers. Smart drugs are most effective when they aren't mixed too much with other substances.
  • So remember to limit how many other drugs you're consuming to avoid building a tolerance. If you're a coffee lover, here's some good news! Consuming coffee on the day that you take a smart drug actually enhances the effect of both the products. So, the caffeine is definitely a catalyst in the process, which means you won't need too much of the Modafinil or any other smart drug to start experiencing the results. Make sure the coffee is organic and pure though, because some preservatives can have negative effects. 

Any smart drug needs to be taken in moderation and also with a lot of care! I've learned this through personal experience and can vouch for long-term benefits from nootropics, as long as you know exactly how not to build a strong tolerance to it. 

The Complete Lowdown on Neuro Peak Vs Alpha Brain

If you?re on the lookout for effective brain supplementation, but you can?t choose, then you?ve come to the right place. While the market for brain supplements is huge and there are several brands to choose from, we?ve narrowed down 2 of the most popular ones in the niche today. 

Neuro Peak and Alpha Brain have both been contenders for the crown when it comes to delivering cognitive ability in a capsule. While their functions are the same, they have completely different constituents, and it makes for interesting analysis when it comes to discerning the differences between the two. 

Alpha Brain

When it comes to top cognition enhancing products, Alpha Brain is right up there. Created by Onnit, Alpha Brain is one of the most popular nootropic stacks that are available commercially today. It is purported to be very effective by most people who?ve used it along with a host of famous personalities who?ve also endorsed it on Onnit?s website. 

While it does a lot to increase your brain?s potential, it also works great for inducing lucid dreaming which is another USP of this stack. Lucid dreams are dreams in which the imagery is vivid, and you are in control oh whatever is happening. 

Very few companies back their products like Onnit does ? they have a unique money-back guarantee where you can keep the bottle, and they will still send your money back. We think this stands as testament to how much faith they have in their own product. 

Alpha Brain Reviews

There are a lot of rave reviews floating about when it comes to Alpha Brain, but we thought we?d do an unbiased test of it ourselves. Our reviewers have been in the nootropic niche for several years and have used almost all the brands and types of nootropics available on the market today. Alpha Brain did produce a lot of the benefits that are described on the bottle. 

Our reviewers noted noticeably increased cognitive abilities and several instances of lucid dreaming as well. They also noted the fact that it did not contain caffeine which means that it wouldn?t have the ?crash? like most other products that contain caffeine do. 

Alpha Brain formula

The ingredients present in the Alpha Brain stack are wholly natural and are great for your mental acuity in that it increases memory, processing speed and even prevents several mentally debilitating diseases like Parkinson?s and Alzheimer?s. This is what a capsule of Alpha Brain contains:

  • Vitamin B6
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Oat Straw Extract
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • AC-11 Cat?s Claw Extract
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Huperzine Serrata
  • L-Leucine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Pterostilbene

The advantage you have is that some of these are rare and you can?t find them easily at this grade of purity.

Neuro Peak

This is another cognitive enhancer that is also quickly gaining popularity. Created by Zhou Nutrition, this formula increases memory, precision, and concentration in the individual. Additionally, it is also purported to decrease stress and anxiety levels in the individual. 

While Neuro Peak is offered with a 60-day money back guarantee, it does not quite stack up to Alpha Brain?s impressive guarantee. But still, what we are more concerned is the product. So let?s go ahead and see if Neuro Peak can pick up the gauntlet thrown down by Alpha Brain. 

Neuro Peak Review

During the initial research into Neuro Peak, we found that this was a popularly reviewed product as well. Amazon has several user reviews which point to the fact that this too was a high-quality product. Our testers had a go at this brain supplement but some of them had mixed results. A few of the reviewers claimed that it had no positive effect on their mental acumen while a majority of them did rate it highly when it came to increasing their cognitive abilities. 

Neuro Peak Ingredients

Like Alpha Brain, Neuro Peak too has all-natural ingredients which are aimed at giving you better cognitive response and increased productivity. Here they are:

  • Vitamin B-12
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • DMAE

Neuro Peak Vs Alpha Brain ? what we think

If you just want to get started on improving your cognitive function at study or work, you really can?t go wrong with either of these products. They definitely do deliver on all counts when it comes to increases mental prowess and capacity. They have several ingredients that can offer you great cognitive benefits while at the same time steers away from the unpredictable effects of some of the other nootropic drugs on the market. 

That said, if you really want a winner out of this comparison, we would stake our claim with Alpha Brain. While both perform well, Alpha Brain offers a complete experience because it has twice the number of beneficial ingredients when compared to Neuro Peak. Granted, Neuro Peak is less expensive than Alpha Brain. But we say that you put quality over price when it comes to the most important part of your body. We think Alpha Brain would work great for beginners to brain supplements and experienced people as well. So, there you have it ? Alpha Brain would be our choice for the best brain supplement out there.

My Experience With Nootropics and Why I Chose Adrafinil

When you look at the world today, you can?t help but feel left far behind in the race to better productivity. While nootropics are the likely answer, and there are a lot of people taking brain supplements, I wanted to know if they were as reliable as people made them out to be. 

Any Monday morning

A lot of this has to do with the fact that because of the stresses and strains of modern life, I?m perennially left tired and zombified. That surge of get up and go which I had about 3-4 years back is now gone, replaced with weariness and melancholy. 

Sorry to sound so dramatic, but this is what I think to myself every Monday morning when I look in the mirror. I?m sure a lot of you feel the same, otherwise you wouldn?t be reading this, right? But I have a revelation ? whatever you read about me in the previous paragraph was the earlier me. 

These days I?m a much happier person professionally and personally. While I won?t attribute all my newfound cheerfulness to nootropics, I have to admit that a huge chunk of what is right with me at this moment is because of brain supplements. 

How I got started on nootropics

Nootropics are reasonably popular when you are looking for brain supplements. But the right one for you might take a bit more research. Since I?m really careful about what I put into my body, I wanted to know what I needed to know before I got started with it. 

I came across a lot of articles about modafinil. While it did offer superlative cognitive boosts, it was difficult to procure, and this will only get worse in the days to come. Quite close to this was the nootropic adrafinil

While adrafinil didn?t offer the same performance per weight ratio as modafinil, it was a lot easier to get because it was an OTC compared to the prescription required to get modafinil. So, it narrowed my choice down to this pretty much easily. 

My Brain Supplement Of Choice ? Adrafinil

Since I was pretty sure that I wanted to get on a course of adrafinil, I went out and got it. It was pretty easy to get, and I didn?t have to jump through hoops like I had to when buying modafinil. All said I was really keen to get started on this and improve my cognitive abilities. 

I?m a 6?2? male weighing about 220lb I try to keep myself fit with regular exercise, but I wouldn?t call myself a triathlete. Suffice to say people call me big-built. Why am I telling you this? Because a critical part of a nootropic drug is to calculate the dosage, and dosage depends a lot on physiological aspects more than anything else. I?ve never taken nootropics ever, so I wanted to make sure that I started it slow. 

Adrafinil dose

I started with 100mg as most people I researched online did. It was a minimal safe dose to start with. And I took this only once a day ? from this point, I could increase it to twice a day when I got comfortable and then double the dosage later. There was a lot of scope for experimentation and improvements. 

My day with adrafinil

Here I?m going to compare my normal day with when I?m on adrafinil. 

The first thing I noticed was my dependence on caffeine had considerably reduced. While on a normal day at work, I would be hard-pressed to get through it without at least 4 cups of coffee, here the only cup I had in the day was at home before breakfast. 

Usually, it?d be difficult to get 30 minutes in without resorting to some relief either from my social feed or Imgur, I was at it the whole morning churning out several templates, logos and creatives (I?m a web designer) like nobody?s business. I only tapered off in the evening which is understandable considering I?ve been at it for about 6 ? 7 hours on the trot. 

I ended the day with a lot more energy and the feeling that I accomplished a lot more than I usually did. And the fact is that I did get a lot more done! I came home, helped the missus with the cooking, caught a movie online because we had ample time to ourselves and generally had a great evening together. 

Summing it up

While I have read that it doesn?t work all that great for a lot of people, my takeaway was that it was definitely worth the money that I spent on it. At the end of the day ? it did deliver and has a lot going for it. And it was incredible that it was able to give me so much on just a beginner dose. 

I have read about tolerance and cycling nootropics ? that will all come in time. To find something that can increase my cognitive abilities like adrafinil has been a revelation to me! Just remember to not go the whole hog when you?re starting off on adrafinil in the beginning. Stick to the dosage, and you will definitely see results!

How to Take Piracetam in the Right Dosage

If you?ve been tinkering with brain improvement, then you might?ve heard of racetams. They are one of the most popular class of nootropics out there. Piracetam was the oldest or ?original? racetam which was first formulated. 

Piracetam is not the most potent nootropic but this fact has stood it in good stead with people who are just getting into nootropics. As a nootropic, it comes highly recommended by the nootropic community. 

Piracetam Effects and Benefits

As a nootropic piracetam has shown to help intellectual functioning, retention rates and focus in healthy individuals. It is especially useful for patients who have a chronic lack of blood circulation to the brain ? cerebrovascular disorders. There are studies like this one that shows piracetam does increase the blood flow and helps rehabilitation of post stroke aphasic patients. 

Piracetam has also exhibited the ability to increase short-term memory in patients significantly as shown in a few tests. The interval set in the tests was 2 weeks and the dose given to them was about 400mg/day. 

In healthy patients, piracetam has shown to lower depression significantly by increasing the spontaneous activity in the cerebral cortex. In this case the most effective dose was about 2400mg/day.

Piracetam Dosages

The most important thing with nootropics is that you need to get the dosage right for it to work. And since these are really powerful, you need to make sure that your information and measurements are exact to a milligram. 

You have to understand that piracetam is unregulated, so no medical body is going to give you a recommendation for the dosage. But the nootropic community have come up with a few methods of how you can determine what your dosage levels are. There are also several academic studies that are research backed which can give us a better idea of how much piracetam we are supposed to be taking. 

We have put together several resources that can help you find the right dosage for you. What you will observe with unregulated nootropics like piracetam is that the range of dosing is quite large, and you will find it varies from person to person depending on several factors. 

We?ve found that dosing varies from 1.2 grams to 9.6 grams in a day and most research trials have dosages ranging from 3 to 5 grams per day. A major source of dosage information as far as piracetam is concerned is research and these suggest that 4 ? 4.8 grams is the most optimal one-time dosage 2 to 3 times a day. 

Also keep in mind that these are based on people taking piracetam by itself without stacking it with supplements or other nootropics. If you are thinking of stacking it with other nootropics you should use a smaller quantity. 

Effects of varying doses of piracetam 

There are problems with taking too much or too little of piracetam. But surprisingly, people are erring on the side of caution and taking too little of it to constitute a proper dose. 

Piracetam was developed back in the 60s and so it is relatively low on the potency scale. For example, a nootropic that is more recent is Noopept which is about 1000 times stronger. What people need to understand is that piracetam needs time to work and, so you need to make sure that you split the dosages over a day, so it can be more effective. When it comes to piracetam or racetams in general, it can take upwards of a week for results to show. 

People have come up with a theory to reduce the amount of time it takes for piracetam to permeate in the body. They go with what is called an ?attack? dose. If you are sticking to racetams, this is a popular strategy to get quicker results. Attack doses are taking 2 to 3 times the recommended amount of the drug during the initial phase for quicker results. 

An attack dose should only be carried out when it comes to compatible drugs, racetams for example. It can be dangerous with potent nootropics like Ampakines and is not recommended. 

Vary dosage with goals

As with all medication or supplementation, you need to figure out the end goal and decide on a dosage. If you are after its ability to protect your brain and reduce mental aging, then it is recommended that you take smaller doses. Tapping into piracetam?s cognitive enhancement properties also requires a significantly lesser amount that you are used to. 

But if you need to fuel your brain for a big day, like an important meeting or a crucial test then you might need to take a but more than usual to get the full effects. There are several other applications for piracetam which will be apparent when you consult with your doctor.

Can you overdose on piracetam?

Piracetam, since it is not as strong as most of the other nootropics that have been developed recently, is surprisingly tolerable by the body even in above recommended doses. While doses we recommend come to about 12 grams in a day, clinical applications have doses of up to 24 grams. 

There has been no cause for concern when it comes to dangerous side effects as far as piracetam is concerned. The easiest method to find out what suits your body is to start with a safe dose then move up gradually. Your body is the best judge of how much you should be taking. 


We hope this article has given you enough insights to finding the right piracetam dosage for you. Another important thing we want to bring to your attention is that some people may have slight intermittent headaches when taking piracetam doses. This is nothing serious and goes away when you have adequate choline supplementation. So, it would be a good idea to stack a good source of choline like Alpha GPC when you?re taking piracetam. 

We have scoured through several studies as well as carried out research ourselves about this racetam to bring you the facts about piracetam dosage. Do let us know if there?s anything else we can answer for you. 

You Handy Guide to Ligandrol Vs Ostarine

Both Ligandrol and Ostarine are forms of SARMs. Let's understand what SARMs are first.

It stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These substances bind to androgen receptors selectively and also help with the stimulation of anabolic activity. These do work similarly to steroids, but their purpose is slightly different. Anabolics come in various forms, steroids being one of them, but SARMs are slightly easier on the body and don't cause too much change or difference in the body composition. One could say that they are "lighter" in nature when compared to their counterparts. 

Many professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts have complained of a very common problem - muscle wastage. With age and fatigue, muscles begin to degenerate much quicker and with more effect, which eventually leads to the body becoming weaker as well. SARMs have a number of benefits, quicker muscle regeneration being one of them. They also help with better recovery from strenuous workout regimes and are known to boost the production of growth hormones in the body. 

Companies created Ligandrol and Ostarine as alternatives to the popular hormone or androgen replacement therapy. This therapy is a rather pricey one, so consumers were quick to take to an alternative that was inexpensive but also gave pretty much the same benefits. 

Who requires hormone replacement therapy? 

These are usually people who are suffering from serious illnesses and diseases like osteoporosis, progressive aging, cancer, low secretion of growth hormone and so on. Most of these diseases are degenerative in nature, which means they make the body weaker and any bodily process which involves growth and rebuilding, significantly reduces pace and quality. This is where these two drugs can help with allowing the body to recover quicker, and with much fewer side effects when compared to steroids. 

A lot of fitness enthusiasts have claimed that SARMs have greatly helped them with getting closer to their fitness goals and achieving more lean mass and lower fat percentages, which can be quite plausible since these can also help with the body recovering more optimally from a rigorous workout. However, there are a few differences between Ligandrol and Ostarine to keep in mind before picking one of the two: 

Ligandrol, also known as LGD-4033 is non-steroidal in nature. It is very effective when it comes to developing and healing muscles loss and also rebuilding strength in those muscles when it has been caused due to various health-care issues. Ostarine, on the other hand, helps not only with the problem of wastage of muscles but is also instrumental in curing osteoporosis. 

In terms of ingredients and composition, both the drugs vary as well, depending upon the purpose that they are used for. While LGD-4033 is mainly used for muscle wasting issues, Ostarine also works great with osteoporosis problems. This is why their composition is not the same. 

Both of these drugs can help with gaining healthy muscles. The biggest difference here is that LGD-4033 is more suppressive that Ostarine is.

In terms of cycle duration, these drugs differ from each other as well. While Ostarine has a complete cycle in just 4-6 weeks, ligandrol has a cycle of nearly 8 weeks or slightly longer. 

There is a slight difference in the two when it comes to half life too. Ostarine has a half life of almost 24 hours, but ligandrol can have a half-life extended up to 26 hours in different conditions. 

When it comes to hormone levels, LGD-4033 doesn't have many side effects but is known to decrease testosterone levels in the body. On the other hand, Ostarine can cause a slight increase in the levels of estrogen in the body. 

When it comes down to picking one of the two, a number of factors need to be kept in mind. Not all bodies react to the same drugs the same way, so a doctor would be the best person to consult if one has a rather extensive medical history. While Ostarine has been around in the markets longer and is hence more trusted, ligandrol is considered to be an upgrade or improvement on the former and is hence preferred by most athletes. Even in terms of composition, ligandrol is definitely more effective for those who are looking for quick and effective muscle recovery. 

How and Where You Can Buy Modafinil

I've been having issues with concentration and focus for as long as I can remember, especially since high school days. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with a mental disorder, but I'm generally a very lazy and laid back person. For the longest time, my mother has called me Lazy Lucy, because that's exactly what I am.

When it came down to getting things done at work, I couldn't afford to be lazy anymore, or if end up losing my job. Being an adult is hard, time has taught me, and most of my mother's quips and tips finally started making sense. Eventually, I had to find a fix for my never-ending lethargy, and I did. 

A normal day in my life

A typical day in my life had no specific hours; I'd wake up at odd times, sleep at odd times, eat irregularly and also have no fixed hours kept aside to do anything productive. When you're younger, laziness is still not as damaging. However, as you get older and your responsibilities increase, time management is something that cannot be ignored. There finally came a time when my laziness became a bad habit, and it was starting to bother me too. 

Taking up Nootropics

I did a lot of thinking, and also took the advice of my friends on how I could get rid of this habit and become more productive. Modafinil was my fix, and I couldn't be more grateful for it! I found this wonder drug in a shady little article online, which thankfully linked me to forums and platforms where there were full-fledged testimonials of how great and effective it is. As far as my knowledge went, I knew absolutely nothing about nootropics. In fact, it was the first time that I had even heard of the term and I was curious to know what these were. 

Nootropics are essentially miracle drugs or wonder drugs that can actually help your brain function better. While this did seem a little farfetched to me when I first read about it, I started believing in it when I read hundreds of people testifying to the authenticity of nootropics. And I really wanted to try it out because my performance had been on the poorer side lately, which worried both my family and my friends.

Choosing Modafinil

I chose Modafinil for a very simple reason: it was the drug that best suited to issues of laziness and inactivity. Modafinil is designed to make the user feel more energized and active, and also results in quicker cognitive responses and mental growth. I realized that that different nootropics cater to different mental issues, so it's very important to pick the most suitable one. 

Getting Modafinil

The tricky part for me was to understand how I was going to get my hands on Modafinil in the first place. I had read on a few forums that not all doctors were ready to write down a prescription for the drug, and this turned out to be true. Mind you, Modafinil, like most other nootropics, is FDA approved. Which means it's not an illegal form of medication at all. However, very few doctors are willing to write a prescription for it, and only if they believe that you really, really need to take it. Maybe it's got to do with them not wanting to deal with any liability in the future. 

Hence, I thought the next best option would be to just order it online. Then again, I was skeptical, because I had also heard that the drugs being sold online were fakes or duplicates and could cause adverse effects if consumed. One has to be very cautious because there are tonnes of fake websites and sellers out there who are just trying to make a quick buck. And since the demand and awareness of nootropics have shot up significantly, they've become hot property in the market, which has lead to the birth of too many unlicensed sellers. Some testimonials had claimed that they ended up with some very bad side effects after consuming Modafinil purchased online, so one has to be extremely careful while doing so. 

Modafinil is a drug that is usually prescribed to those who suffer from sleeping disorders. Some people have a clinical disorder of oversleeping or sleeping at odd times and constantly feeling fatigued, for which Modafinil is the appropriate drug to use. So, I realized that an easy way to obtain Modafinil through a prescription would be to convince a doctor that I have a sleeping disorder that would require me to take Modafinil. It's not exactly wrong per say, because I was quite confident that Modafinil would not cause me or my body any harm. 


The dosage that I was prescribed was 200 mg a day, but my skepticism caused me to start off with only 100 mg a day. I mean it when I say this, the results were incredible! Maybe it had something to do with my mindset as well, but I felt more energized and motivated than ever, and just in a span of a few days! Honestly, Modafinil was that boost I needed to get out of my lethargy and start doing something interesting with my life. I started performing better at work, and even showed more interest in my chores back home. My family was pleased, of course, and my friends noticed a difference in my demeanor as well. They could tell that I wasn't the same Lazy Lucy anymore, and I had redeemed myself from my previous state. 

So, if you ask me, it's been an interesting journey from reading reviews to writing one myself. If you think Modafinil is the right drug for you and you're having trouble with getting your hands on it, you've got to explore multiple options and see to it that you don't end up buying any fake products. Even if it takes you some time, try finding a place when you can get a prescription for it and buy it from a store. It's better to take precautions than to hurry into purchasing something that might cost you dearly later on!

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