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The Pros and Cons of Mixing Modafinil and Alcohol

I wouldn't call myself a drinker as such, but I do like to lay back and enjoy a good drink every now and then, especially after a hard week at work. And, even when I do drink, it's never more than I can really handle. Of course, I have friends who drink too and I join them whenever I can, either at someone's place or out at a nice new pub in town.

Thing is, I've been a working person only for 3 or 4 years now, so a routine life is still something I'm not totally adept at. It can often get tedious and tiring, leaving me feeling absolutely exhausted at the end of each day. In fact, there have been days when I've skipped the last meal of the day entirely and just plopped myself into my bed and dozed off. And I know how unhealthy that can become over the long run. 

I can still recall the day I missed out on a big project closing because I couldn't get myself out of bed on a Sunday. If only I were active and alert enough to get out of home that day and attend that meeting, I would've probably been in a much better place today. The thing about laziness is that it's very easy, you don't have to try for it, but its results can be long-lasting and very unfavorable. I guess the turning point for me was the day my sister decided to sit me down and have an intervention of sorts. She managed to knock some sense into me and awaken my mind a little. 

Finding a solution with Nootropics 

So, after a whole lot of debating, I finally decided to seek some help and find out what the solution to my constant fatigue is. Some of my friends suggested taking energy drinks at the beginning of each day but, that didn't sound like a very healthy solution to me. Some suggested exercising every morning before work, but I was all too lazy to wake up early at all. Finally, I came across an acquaintance who had been taking a nootropic that was doing wonders for him. 

Firstly, I had to understand what a nootropic is. Nootropics are brain-enhancing drugs that are safe to use and affect different parts of the brain and brain function. Nootropics come in a variety of drugs, and my friend had been taking one called Modafinil for a few months. His reviews were great, and he had only good things to say about it! Apparently, Modafinil was designed to increase a person's activeness and also take care of problems like lethargy and fatigue. It seemed like this drug was almost tailor-made for me so, I took the plunge and gave it a shot. 

Seeing results

I saw visible results in just a few days, and so did the people around me. My dosage started off at 100 mg a day, because I didn't want to overdo it or take more than my body could handle. 2 weeks into taking Modafinil, I could notice changes in my body and behaviour. I looked brighter, happier, more motivated to get through my day. Of course, I did my bit of research and learned about how I can continue to make my dosage be effective and not let it wear off too soon. I slowly increased it to 200 mg, but only on alternating days. I had read somewhere that one might develop a tolerance to Modafinil if you take it too often, so I skipped taking it on consecutive days. My concerns were also about my diet and what type of food I could consume while taking the drug. Much to my delight, there weren't any restrictions as such, and I could eat whatever I wanted. That was pretty much a relief because I?m quite a foodie and I love experimenting with new cuisines too. 

Alcohol and Modafinil

The real trouble for me though was when I got invited to a close friend?s party and it got me thinking about how everyone always advises against mixing alcohol with medication. So, I went back to the friend who introduced me to Modafinil and asked him for some real-time advice. According to his experience, consuming alcohol after taking Modafinil actually reduced his tolerance to alcohol, i.e., he got drunk quicker than he usually does. The good news though was that he didn?t suffer from a hangover the next morning and bounced back to normal without any effort. 

Thing is, I never believe in taking just one opinion on anything, so I went online and did some more research on the combination of Modafinil and alcohol. I came across several personal encounters and, get this, they were all different from the other! Some claimed that modafinil increased their tolerance to alcohol and they were able to drink into the wee hours of the night and still remain sober. Some claimed that mixing the two didn?t allow them to sleep at all and they stayed awake for 24 hours straight. Others experienced a lack of appetite and also some nausea and sickness the next day. So, long story short, there wasn?t one, definitive result for mixing alcohol and Modafinil. 

Usually, it's always safer to try not to mix medication with alcohol, but Modafinil isn't like regular drugs and can probably prep your brain to function better in terms of dealing with the after-effects of drinking. However, I wouldn't suggest making this a regular habit because it can't be too healthy for the body either way. Personally, I prefer taking Modafinil the day after I?ve had alcohol. I find that this actually helps my body recover faster and I feel a lot more active and even ready to go to work the next day! Also, the hangover is almost non-existent, which means I?m all set to take up on my routine too. 

Steps on How to Take Adrafinil the Right Way

So, you like me want to get more performance out of your grey matter. Since I?m writing this on this website, you?d gather that the simple answer would be to take nootropics. And this is where you are wrong. Not very wrong, but maybe a bit off.

While you?re right about nootropics, there are several other important factors that determine the efficacy of the drug. 

Adrafinil ? What you need to know

These are a few things you need to find the answers to before you embark on taking nootropics:

  • What nootropics you?re going to take?
  • The dosage levels of these brain supplements?
  • How you?re going to take it? (powder, tablet)
  • How often are you going to take it?
  • Do you have a plan to cycle it?

Getting answers to these questions needs a lot of research and will take time. I hope to save you some of the trouble by answering these questions for you about a nootropic that has been around for decades and comes recommended by a lot of people who are into brain supplements. I?m of course talking about adrafinil. 

Adrafinil has been used by people for a long time and has found acceptance by people from various walks of life. While it is a prodrug to modafinil, a powerful nootropic drug in its own right, adrafinil can be obtained easier as it is an OTC drug. It is also cheaper than modafinil. All this has ensured that adrafinil made a name for itself in the brain supplement market. 

My Research on Adrafinil

I turned to adrafinil because I was finding it impossible to justify the time, effort and money to procure modafinil. While modafinil does have more potency, getting used to a regular supply of modafinil was never going to happen because of the hoops and hurdles a person had to jump through to get their hands on it. Things had to change.

I already knew there was adrafinil to back me up, but I never got it because I didn?t need to until now. When I did go through what adrafinil could actually give me, I was surprised to find out that there were a lot of things that I was overlooking. Let?s look at some of the benefits of adrafinil. 

Adrafinil Benefits

Adrafinil offers several benefits of which these are some of the more important.

  • Increased overall energy levels
  • Improved mental acuity
  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Increased memory
  • Improved focus and attention span

How to take Adrafinil

Adrafinil can be ordered in bulk but you need to take care that you order it from the right people or it can end up being a large cache of plain white powder. It is important to find trusted sources to get your adrafinil from. When I bought it online, I look for GMP certified packaging. This is a good indicator as to what you?re buying is genuine rather than fake. Never opt for vendors that have ?huge bargain? prices as these tend to be fake more often than not. 

Since adrafinil is water soluble, I heated up some water and put in the adrafinil powder and stirred a bit. I found that the adrafinil completely dissolved. This is one way of finding out if you have the legitimate drug ? adrafinil dissolves completely in water. If you have a cloudy solution, then it definitely isn?t the real deal. I started with just 100mg and I?d recommend that you do as well if you aren?t used to it. 

You can also take it in the form of a capsule which you can make right at home. Another thing I found was that about a week after I started taking it, the effect seems to be less pronounced. This is when I learned that you need to cycle these for maximum efficacy. I would say a week on and week off worked great for me and it should for you as well. This can prevent undesirable side effects that normally manifest nootropic drugs. 

My final dosage at the time of writing this is about 300mg. While there is a lot of chatter about how 600 mg is safe, I was getting pretty good results with half of it so I didn?t want to push my luck. 


This short primer should help you get started on adrafinil. A critical factor that you need to consider is that since adrafinil is metabolized in the liver into modafinil, it puts a bit of strain on it. If you are going to use adrafinil long term, it?d be best to consult your doctor before you do so. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

Why Long Jack Root is Such A Popular Supplement

Long Jack root comes from a plant that is scientifically named Eurycoma longifolia, which is a tree natively found in different parts of Southeast Asia and comes in a shrub-like form. 

In Indonesia, this plant is also called "pasak bumi" and in Malaysia, it's known as "tongkat ali". These are the two countries that mainly supply long jack supplements to most of the world. This plant has been used by different tribes over decades, all over the world, for its antibacterial, antipyretic and even antiviral properties. However, its roots and bark are also particularly famous for their use as an aphrodisiac. In countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and even Singapore, long jack is considered a good elixir for general health and longevity. It is also used as a key ingredient in some energy drinks found in southeast Asia. 

In fact, this particular plant is so used and popular in Malaysia that they have listed it as a protected species and take special measures to protect the plant. They also grow the plant as a crop and harvest its roots and bark, which is then exported worldwide. 

What else can long jack supplements be used for? 

They are also used today by athletes, bodybuilders, and men in general who might be suffering from sexual dysfunctions and disorders. This supplement is apparently useful for increasing one's sex drive and also improving their sexual performance and vigor. 

These supplements can help weightlifters with additional strength and also increase testosterone levels in the body, along with increasing the secretion of growth hormones as well. This is probably why the plant has become so popular in multiple parts of the world over time, and some athletes have testified to using the supplements very religiously. 

What are the basic advantages? 

Helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men Increase of secretion of growth hormones in the body Increase in secretion of testosterone in the male body Helping the body and muscles recover quicker after a strenuous and intense workout Increasing performance in terms of strength and agility in athletes Helping with developing an elevated mood and also increase energy in terms of mental state Improved sex drive and libido and also better performance sexually. There are also a number of other benefits of long jack supplements that have been claimed, but haven't been substantiated by enough clinical and scientific research. Since these supplements are relatively new to global markets, a lot of researchers have taken up the challenge of understanding what more this substance has to offer and also what its side effects are. 

Are long jack supplements safe to use? 

These supplements increase the general flow of hormones and energy in the body, so they might cause side effects like insomnia, feeling constantly restless or even anxiety. Hence, it is probably better to consume them a little early on in the day and not towards night time. And when it comes to dosage, one must be very careful because they don't come with standard levels of active ingredients. A good option would be to start slow and then slowly increase the dosage, which would help with assessing whether one's body can actually get accustomed to the supplements or not. 

Many professionals also suggest purchasing long jack supplements only from licensed shops and portals, because there are many fake and adulterated products doing the rounds in the unlicensed markets, which could pose potential problems for the health.
The side effects of long jack supplements haven't been studied thoroughly enough to give a full diagnosis of how good or bad they might be. There are also other issues like safety of usage for young girls, pregnant women, those who already suffer from issues like insomnia, or who have a weak immunity system or are prone to heart problems; all these groups are advised to not use these supplements as they may cause adverse effects and also slow down their progress.

There are a lot of different companies and brands in the market today that are manufacturing and selling long jack supplements in the market, both in-store and also online. Before choosing to purchase and use any of these, it's always safer for one to consult a licensed practitioner and make sure that it is absolutely safe for them to go ahead and start using. 

Why I Chose Alpha Brain Over Other Nootropics

There are tons of articles all around the web that talk about the benefits of nootropics and how good they are for mental acuity. The thing is though ? very few people are actually going to buy some mysterious white powder from a faceless online vendor and put it in their system. Unless of course they?ve done several months of research on the subject, but who has time for that really? 

That?s when I came across this wonder supplement called Alpha Brain, which is supposed to do wonders for your cognitive ability. As a disclaimer, this article has documented my journey which began more than 3 months ago during which time I?ve been on Alpha Brain. 

Let?s get into my experience with it so we can find out more.

My Situation

I work a 12-hour shift job, I do not want to get back home and look at a computer screen until I?m back at work the next day. This means that I will forever be that person who other people say is too lazy to get off their butt and ?do some research?.

While I?m fine handling negative false insinuations on my character, people like me would also like to get better mental prowess without having to risk buying some random powder online. 

Alternative to Nootropics?

So, what I was actually looking for in the market is something that can give me all the benefits of the nootropics but for people who are a healthy mix of paranoid and busy, so they can?t research about it. 

Well, here?s the thing though: you can?t get around the research bit. Granted, it is a whole lot shorter since you come across products sold by companies rather than just random powders. But you don?t have to fret, because I did the research, so you don?t have to. 

Alpha Brain by Onnit

I?ve heard a lot of things about Alpha Brain, mostly good things, so it?s time to put that to the test. Alpha Brain is basically what expert nootropic people call a pre-made stack, it has a nootropic, a catalyst, and vitamin supplements to make this a ?complete? nootropic experience. You don?t have to supplement this with anything else. 

It is made by Onnit the same company who make a whole clutch of different stuff for increased cognition, physical performance, and generally better health. They are popular and have several types of supplements in their repertoire. I felt that most of their products were a bit on the expensive side but if they do work like they?re supposed to, then I guess I have no qualms about it. Moving on, I ordered a bottle of Alpha Brain online from their website (even got a handy discount!). Shipping was free, and it got home in about 4 days which is pretty quick. 

How Effective Is Alpha Brain?

Well, it was time to find out how it performs in a real-world application, namely, me. While it is recommended to take about 2 capsules daily, I started with 1. I wanted to ramp up the dose so it didn?t have any untoward effects on me. I took my capsule in the morning before I got to work just after breakfast. 

When I got to work, I didn?t feel startling increases in cognitive performance, but I had this increased buzz, like there was something that was keeping my focus on the job at hand. My coffee mug and I are pretty much inseparable on normal days at work. But today I noticed a drastic decrease in my coffee consumption. From about 5 mugs a day to about 2 mugs. I also felt a lot more energetic at the end of the day. 

I was thrilled with these small but significant changes ? while I?ve read a lot of reviews online that this did nothing for them, at least it was working for me. I decided to up the dosage to 2 capsules a day. Another thing to note was that 2 capsules a day was the recommended dose, so I was expecting a bit of fireworks at work the next day.

Increased Cognitive Performance

Well, a lot of people might think I?m exaggerating but I could definitely feel my vision was a lot more saturated with color. I felt a lot peppier at work and I hardly had any coffee throughout the day. Usually on a Friday, the whole office is taking it slow, but not me though. I got a lot of work done on the day and hardly broke a sweat doing it. 

When I finally got home, I still had enough energy to help me finish my son?s homework, help the missus with a few chores and still remain in a good mood. All signs pointed to alpha brain doing its cognitive thing!

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Another key point in Alpha Brain?s favor is that all of its ingredients are natural and also very effective. Most people associate natural constituents with inefficacy but its not so here. Let?s see what Alpha Brain has:

  • Vitamin B6
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Theanine
  • Oat Straw Extract
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • AC-11 Cat?s Claw Extract
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Huperzine serrata
  • L-Leucine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Pterostilbene

These ingredients are great at improving your mental faculties and a few of them are rare which means its difficult to get them all together in one package. Alpha Brain gives you just that ? all these in a convenient capsule for everyday use. 


Alpha Brain has definitely worked wonders for me, saying anything less would mean I?m doing it disservice. For people like me, who aren?t comfortable getting into mg range measurements, strange white powders and anonymous sellers, this seemed the ideal solution to tweak our brain. This also had other constituents that helped increase your mental prowess significantly. 

Another thing is that you don?t have to cycle it like you do with regular nootropics. All the ingredients help your brain and it doesn?t develop tolerance over time like it usually does with other nootropics. This means you can find your comfortable dosage, and keep at it for any length of time. You?ll feel consistent benefits when it comes to productivity.

Why Modafinil Might Be the New Remedy for Depression

I visited a professional for my depression only a few months ago, and I was glad I reached out to someone and got the help I needed. Of course, counseling sessions were also teamed with controlled medication, and I continued to go on with my daily life and routine from thereon. I couldn't complain much, I thought I was doing the maximum best that I could for myself, until a friend of mine with a similar disorder told me about her new quick fix. 

Reading about Modafinil

Modafinil is a drug that I had almost never heard of until a short while ago, and I was obviously intrigued about why it was called a "smart drug". Apparently, from what articles and word of mouth told me, modafinil acted as a catalyst and pretty much fast-tracked the functioning of the mind and body. So anyone who felt constantly lazy and fatigued would be able to perform better and feel more active with a controlled dosage of modafinil. 

Honestly, I was relieved when I learned this because my depression had turned me into a rather dull and slow person. I wasn't as motivated as before to begin a new day and get my work done. Most of the time I was just tired after doing minimal work and couldn't wait to just fall asleep anywhere I found space. Even my close friends noticed that I wasn't as active as I should be, and it had bothered me for quite some time.

Depression is a tricky disorder that way; it doesn't work the same way for everyone. For some, it can cause severe mood swings and even eating disorders and for others, like myself, it can cause unnecessary fatigue and lethargy throughout the day. I've been feeling a lack of motivation and drive for quite some time now, and of course, that has adversely affected many spheres of my life. My doctor did suggest regular exercising and other de-stressing activities as a method to combat my lethargy, but I really couldn't get myself to get off my bed on some days and get things done.

Modafinil with anti-depressants

Now, as I learned that Modafinil would make me more active, I was obviously wondering if consuming this drug alongside my anti-depressants was going to cause any serious side effects. I mean, I'm no doctor, but mixing medication is never a great idea. 

Modafinil is a Nootropic, which is basically a smart drug that has various benefits for the brain and cognitive functions. These come in many variants which target different issues and problems, and are obviously composed differently for the same reason. I had also read about Armodafinil, a refined version of Modafinil, but I wanted to play it safe at the beginning and see how this went first. 

So, I went ahead and did some more research, after which I found out that taking a smaller dosage of modafinil along with my anti-depressants was actually going to boost my progress and make me feel a lot better! Hence, there was no way I wasn't going to give this chance a shot. 

The Dosage

For about 2 weeks, in the beginning, I consumed not more than 100 mg of modafinil along with my usual dosage of anti-depressants. And, much to my delight, I found myself feeling a lot more awake and motivated almost instantly! On day 2 I was able to stay up longer and finish my household work as well. By one week, I was smiling a lot more, talking to more people, and I really didn't have that pressing urge to take untimely naps either.

However, like I said, everyone's depression disorder works differently. Since mine was mainly causing problems of fatigue and tiresomeness, modafinil was the right nootropic to opt for. For me, Modafinil was the right choice because a small dosage was able to increase my energy levels and also elevate my mood, eliminating my pressing problem of feeling tired all the time. Of course, my number one suggestion would always be to consult a doctor and keep them in the loop of what you're consuming and how you're feeling, just in case there's a situation where things don't work out for you. And, if Modafinil does show you results like it did for me, then you're going to love it as much as I do! 

How Long Does Adrafinil Last ? A Complete Guide

When it comes to increasing your mental ability, there is now a method to do just that. If you?re looking to get the most out of your brain, then you would do well to read about nootropics. These nootropics are basically superchargers for your cognitive abilities. 

There are different types of nootropics out there of which one of the most popular has been modafinil and adrafinil. 


Being one of the oldest nootropic formulas we know, adrafinil has been a popular brain supplement that has seen used through several years by people from various walks of life. Adrafinil is known to increase brain function, improve memory and cognitive abilities. It is also marketed under the brand name Olmifon. 

While adrafinil, and most certainly any nootropic, isn?t the silver bullet that can help you cram as much of the textbook as possible or get that project done within a record time ? it definitely helps put your best foot forward. Adrafinil is synthesized artificially and is considered a few notches less effective than modafinil at the same dose. This is because Adrafinil has to be metabolized into modafinil which causes some qualitative losses. 

Why people choose adrafinil

There must be a lot of you thinking ?if adrafinil found to be less effective than modafinil, then why would people buy it?? When it comes to nootropics there are several factors to consider like cost, availability and legal status. Yes, legal status is an important factor when powerful nootropics are concerned. 

Modafinil is a powerful nootropic, granted, but it is also a prescription drug. People have experimented with its off-label benefits and found that it increases your brain?s ability to process information. But on the other hand, the demand for this nootropic caused the market to turn to other less scrupulous means of obtaining modafinil. 

This triggered several security measures being put in place so that modafinil couldn?t be abused. This also meant that modafinil was illegal in several countries. So, people found their sources of modafinil drying up. 

Adrafinil was an effective and cheaper alternative to modafinil ? it metabolized into modafinil anyway, so it was pretty much the same thing people thought. Also, adrafinil was an over the counter drug, which meant it was a lot easier for people to get this. This lead to adrafinil being the sought-after nootropic of choice and it saw global use. 

How long does adrafinil last?

When we deal with powerful nootropic drugs dosage becomes a prime concern. Continuously taking the wrong doses can result in an ineffectual experience or in worst cases, health problems. Before you embark on a quest to improve your mental acuity, you need to do your research and find out the right dose of nootropics to consume. 

The right dose for adrafinil is about 150 to 300mg depending on the person taking it and their metabolic levels. If this is the first time you?re taking it, go with smaller doses so you will give your body time to get used to it before increasing the dosage. 

While the cognitive improvements brought about by adrafinil can last from anywhere between 9 ? 12 hours on a 300mg dose depending on several biological factors the problem with nootropics is that it begins to build immunity. This causes to become less effective until one day it doesn?t work anymore. You need to balance your dosage with the toll adrafinil can take on your liver as well. If you increase your dose too quickly, it can have undesirable side effects like nervousness, headaches, stomach disorder to mention a few. 

The best option would be to cycle the nootropic with an off period where you?re completely off any sort of nootropic drug. This will ensure that your body does not build tolerance towards it. 


Nootropics are relatively safe to consume and adrafinil, when taken in the right doses, can offer you tangible benefits like increased productivity, energy and motivation in general. This is especially useful for people who are in a competitive industry where time saved directly translates into money earned. It also helps people who are involved with learning and it boosts the brain/memory performance levels to a much higher degree. 

While there are several benefits, people should remember to always consult a doctor before they take any sort of drugs. Because though they offer significant benefits, at the wrong doses they have undesirable side effects as well.

Armodafinil vs Modafinil ? Everything You Need to know

For a long time, I had been worried about how stress had taken over my life. I mean, routine can become such a stressful thing to deal with, you know? There were days when I wouldn't sleep well, which would pretty much ruin my sleep cycle for the rest of the week. As a result, I was irritable, a lot, and just constantly moody and restless throughout the day. 

Did it affect my personal life? Absolutely. My family had noticed how I just wasn't the best company to be around sometimes. Of course, they understood that it wasn't entirely intentional; humans are highly susceptible to being physically and mentally affected by too much workload and stress. 

I visited a doctor, eventually, who suggested meditation, exercising, even taking a vacation if my schedule permitted it. Obviously, it didn't, and it felt like I was back to square one after a few weeks. 

That's when I took to my good friend, the internet, and looked for answers on how I could deal with my situation in a more effective way.
Most of my searches were something like this:

"How to deal with stress"

"Medicines to boost brain performance"

"Dealing with mental slowness"

Discovering Nootropics

After a good amount of research, I came across a certain branch of medication that was popularly being used by a bunch of people, at least that's what I understood from the reviews and articles I stumbled upon. This is when I read about "Modafinil" for the first time ever, and I was both amused and pleasantly surprised. 

There's a certain apprehension that anyone would have in the beginning; drugs that boost brain power? Is it safe? Will it cause any permanent damage? Is it legal to take these? Is it all just a gimmick that will cost me dearly later on? 

I had a plethora of questions swirling around in my mind, but further research helped me realize what exactly Modafinil is and how it could help me. 

What are Modafinil and Armodafinil

Modafinil is a prescription drug that can help with a number of brain-boosting needs. There's also Armodafinil that came up as I dig deeper into what this drug can do, which I'll talk about in a bit. 

Let's get a little technical about it. Modafinil is also known as Provigil, something that is important to remember if and when you decide to use it. It's a ?smart drug? that is non-amphetamine and helps people who have sleeping problems and lethargy. Armodafinil is also basically the same, alternatively called ?Nuvigil?, and much to my delight both these drugs are FDA approved

How are these two drugs different? 

You could say that Armodafinil is the slightly enhanced or advanced version of Modafinil, but this doesn't exactly mean that it's better than the latter either. Of course, no two people react in the exact same way to the consumption of any drug. Something that works great for me might not work the same for someone else in my family (I'm saying this out of multiple experiences of course). 

Modafinil consists of a substance called ?R? and ?S? enantiomers. Enantiomers are molecules that are identical or mirror each other and form a compound or chain of compounds when put together. Armodafinil consists of only the ?R? enantiomers, which I learned, later on, is the more important one of the two enantiomers. 

Let me pay out the key differences for you: 

  • Armodafinil is kind of the more pure or refined version of Modafinil 
  • In terms of half-life, the two drugs are the same, but armodafinil lasts longer in the body and hence, it has more effectiveness and utility too. 
  • You need to take only 3/4th of armodafinil when compared with a full dosage of modafinil. So, if you consume 200 mg of modafinil, you'll need only 150 mg of armodafinil for the same results. 
  • In terms of functionality, the two drugs are pretty much identical. They differ mainly regarding absorption, metabolism, distribution and so on. 
  • Armodafinil is definitely more expensive than modafinil because of higher potency and lower dosage requirements. 
  • Modafinil has existed in the market at least 8 years longer than armodafinil, but they're both approved nonetheless. 

I did figure out though that if someone already has issues with insomnia and cannot seem to sleep on time, armodafinil might be too much to handle and might actually aggravate the issue. 

What else do these drugs help with? 

  • Increases energy in general and also improves focus, concentration and activeness throughout the day. 
  • Reduces the effects of stress on productivity. 
  • Also enhances brain capacity, which is probably helpful for someone who has to do a lot of mental work throughout the day. 

Before you decide to take up any kind of drug that is new to you or you haven't heard of at all, it's obviously important to do your bit of research and even consult a professional. After reading up on these two versions of the drug, I made it a point to visit an actual doctor and ask him/her if it was a good idea for me to try this out. Remember, buying any drug without prescription isn't the smartest thing to do and could cost you later on. 

If someone had to ask me which drug I prefer from the above two, I'd probably choose armodafinil because of how effectively it helped with getting rid of my lethargy. I saw a significant Increase in my ability to stay active throughout all my work and chores and still have some energy left in me at the end of the day, which I dedicated to doing something I love. My mood swings were more controlled too, with outbursts becoming rare and definitely more under my control. 

However, it's important to know that not every drug works the same for everyone. Modafinil might work better for some of you, which is why you need to keep your own symptoms and body composition in mind while choosing one of the two for yourself. 

How Modafinil Gave My Life A Positive Change

You've got to admit, sometimes a routine can be a real downer, especially when you're someone who'd prefer to stay home than go out. For the longest time, people I knew called me lazy, lethargic, couch potato and so on. And really, I didn't complain because they were right. I've always been a very lazy and rather sleepy person, which worked fine for me through college, but not so much when it came down to getting a job and starting off my career. 

My Typical Day 

So I'd have to report to work at least by 10 am, which was okay with me because I woke up even earlier for college, but it seemed like the most tedious task one week into the routine. I was perpetually caught sleeping on my desk one day, and my boss was rather unhappy about it. From then on I even earned the title of "desk potato", which wasn't going to look great on my resume. 

I'd finish work, barely staying awake through the day, then get back home and get absolutely nothing done. No chores, no laundry, just nothing. I'd throw myself into the couch and fall asleep, sometimes skipping dinner and just waking up the next day and hurrying off to work. The cycle was tiresome, something I wasn't too proud of, and that's when I finally decided to take things into my hands and change my course.

Getting Acquainted With Nootropics 

When I first read about nootropics, it felt like reading something off a sci-fi novel. Smart wonder drugs that help boost your brain's performance? I'm sold!
Of course, real life is a whole other thing so I had to be careful about what I was taking. I first learned about nootropics from the world wide web, and then found out that 2 of my colleagues at work were also using them. 

Nootropics are designed to give your cognitive function a healthy and safe boost, and also improve your physical and mental capacity. The great thing is that there are a bunch of nootropics that are each designed to tackle a different problem, be it sleep apnea, appetite issues, depression, anxiety, lethargy and so on. So, once I understood that nootropics were a safe pick for me, I moved on to narrowing it down. 

Why I chose Modafinil

Out of all the nootropics I read about, Modafinil seemed to fit my bill the best. It's a smart drug designed to make a person more active, up to 10-12 hours after consumption, and also reduces the tendency to fall asleep at odd times. It also boosts your cognitive responses and makes you quicker and more agile, something that I desperately needed in my life. I read quite a few testaments about Modafinil, with people claiming that it completely changed their lives around and gave them a sense of purpose and enthusiasm to be better and more successful. 

I also learned that I could get a prescription for Modafinil or just purchase it online, whichever worked for me. So, I went ahead and made the purchase, and I could already feel the adrenaline rushing through me! 

A Week on Modafinil 

Well, the package finally arrived and I was super excited to start my dosage. I had read online that 200 mg was the ideal dosage to take for an adult, but I decided to take only 100 mg for the first few days, just to be on the safer side. Day 1 was quite interesting, because I didn't have the urge to fall asleep on my desk and I also had the energy to stay back and work for half an hour extra. I did, however, end up not doing any chores again and fell asleep quite early.

Day 3 was much better, because I woke up earlier than my alarm was set and I also managed to make a cup of coffee and relax for a while before leaving for work. 

Day 5 was when I decided to up my dosage to 200 mg, and it was probably the best decision I ever made. Not only did I have a fantastic day at work, I also managed to come home, do all my chores, clean up the place and also stayed up later than usual and watched my favorite movie with a friend.

And, despite having slept late, I managed to wake up on time the next day and not feel fatigued or tired at all! In fact I felt like a rejuvenated person, and the result showed on my face too. Everyone at work noticed as well, and my boss's frown seemed to have diminished a bit.

A Few Precautions

I would definitely suggest not overdoing the drug, because my enthusiasm often makes me do stupid things. Taking more than the prescribed dosage might have adverse effects, so I stayed smart and only stuck to my regular dosage. Another tip would be to take a few breaks from the drug every now and then, just so that you don't end up building a tolerance to the drug. In such a case, you might feel like the drug isn't working on you anymore, and nobody wants that result. And, of course, make the most of your renewed energy! Start exercising, eat healthier, maybe even take up a sport or hobby, so that all that enthusiasm is being put to good use. 

If you're someone who suffers from insomnia, I'd suggest consulting a doctor, just to make sure that Modafinil is the right nootropic for you to choose. 

In Conclusion 

Modafinil is great! It gave me exactly the results I was looking for, and I'm definitely sticking to using it regularly. However, I did do a lot of research and digging around before taking the drug, so don't just blindly start taking something you don't know much about. If modafinil can turn a couch potato like me into an always active, always up and about person, then it can definitely do wonders for you too! 

How to Choose Between Adrafinil and Modafinil

When it comes to nootropics these are the 2 most popular names out there. They are talked about so much because they are one of the first nootropic drugs to hit the market. Another factor is that since they have been around for a long time, their effects are pretty much well known and there is also a lot of evidence that they can deliver what they claim. 

These 2 nootropics have gone head to head in the market, with a lot of people supporting either side. But what is the difference between the both of them? Are there tangible benefits for the end user? Which one is the better of these two? We deal with all these questions in this article.


This is the nootropic that started it all ? modafinil was marketed under several names such as Provigil, Alertec, and Modavigil to name a few popular ones. It is classified as a synthetic eugeroic ?promoting wakefulness ? which is also found to have significant nootropic benefits and advantages when taken by healthy people. These include improved cognition, reduced fatigue and increased alertness. 

Furthermore, people have been using modafinil for various off-label cognitive issues like depression, bipolar disorders, Parkinson?s disease, and ADHD to name a few. It has been gaining rapid popularity as a smart drug that improves the ability to retain information and so is used by students and others who require peak cognitive performance. 


This is a prodrug for modafinil, meaning that it is metabolized in the body to produce modafinil. All the properties of modafinil carry over to adrafinil. The only real problem with it is that you need to consume the requisite amount of adrafinil before it is metabolized into modafinil. This process of metabolism happens in the liver, which means that if you take a lot of it, it stresses your liver. This also makes adrafinil a problem for people who use it over a prolonged period of time. 

Modafinil vs adrafinil

Modafinil Working

Modafinil is used to treat several disorders including shift work sleep disorders, daytime sleepiness or narcolepsy. Another advantage is that it is FDA approved for use in the treatment of these disorders. It works by stimulating the neural receptors in the brain to overcome these symptoms. While it might be classified as a Central Nervous System stimulant in a few cases, it does not show the side effects normally associated with the CNS type. 

While there are several theories about how modafinil increases cognitive ability, the one that has the most traction is the histamine effect it induces and the increase of dopamine levels by inhibiting its uptake. It is also found to have the effect of increased norepinephrine in the body. 

Adrafinil Working

Adrafinil also has the same functions and properties of modafinil ? it promotes wakefulness and produces nootropic effects like increased memory, learning benefits and increased mental energy. Adrafinil finds use in several situations and is as well known as modafinil. The primary difference between adrafinil and modafinil is that it is not straight up modafinil ? it metabolizes into it. 

This is important to understand because since the metabolism occurs in the liver, prolonged use of adrafinil can cause stress on the liver which is not desirable. However, if the gains only need to be short-term, then adrafinil can be substituted instead of modafinil though at a higher dosage accounting for the amount lost due to the process of metabolism. 

What is best ? Modafinil or Adrafinil?

When it comes to which one is better, you need to consider several factors ? price, availability, efficacy just to highlight a few. Adrafinil is less expensive than modafinil and this aspect alone drives a lot of people to opt for it. When it comes to availability, modafinil is a prescription drug and some countries have strict guidelines that regulate their sale. This means that modafinil is always in demand which further drives up the price. Adrafinil can be bought without much hassle and is an OTC drug. 

Modafinil is a far more potent nootropic than adrafinil and can also be taken in lesser amounts. Another thing to note is that adrafinil is metabolized in the liver which means the more you take, the more your liver has to process. You need to regulate its dose, so you don?t take too much over a period of time. 


To answer the question, which one is better, it depends on your usage to be honest. If you have access to modafinil and don?t mind the high price, then you should go ahead and get it. On the other hand, if you find it hard to get your hands on modafinil consistently then your only option would be to consider adrafinil. People have been able to get good results with adrafinil as well, all you need to do is regulate your dosage.

Can Focus Pills Help Your Cognitive Ability?

Focus pills are substances that are used to boost mental focus and cognition. Some are in the form of supplements while others are prescription medications. Supplements are sold over the counter while medications are to be prescribed and their use supervised by medical professionals. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medications

Drugs that are used to manage the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are some of the most abused drugs. 

In most countries, access to these drugs is restricted as they are classified as prescription-only. However, far too many people access these drugs without a prescription especially students who want to party all night then be alert enough to sit through exams.

In countries such as USA and Canada, there are many young people who regularly use these drugs for recreational or off-label purposes. Many are at risk of using dosages that are higher than what is recommended by the manufacturer and medical practitioners.

Medications that are used for the management of ADHD such as Adderall and Adderall alternatives are central nervous system stimulants. They produce effects such as stimulation, uplifted mood, euphoria, great sociability, increased motivation and cognitive enhancement. They are used to help people concentrate and get through tasks, especially those that are not enjoyable such as exams.

These drugs are commonly known as wonder drugs, study drugs or concentration drugs. Most students know about them, and many have considered using them. 

Approximately 5 percent of school children are diagnosed with ADHD and put on medication. At least half of them will continue to have symptoms in adulthood, while others seem to outgrow the symptoms. ADHD is more common in boys than in girls.

Medications for managing ADHD do help students with symptoms such as inattentiveness and hyperactivity to concentrate and get better results in school. However, medication is not the only way to manage ADHD symptoms. 

The negative effects and possible risks of using Adderall and Adderall alternatives are usually overlooked yet they could be hazardous especially if dosages higher than what the manufacturer recommends are used over a prolonged period of time. 

Negative effects include irregular heartbeat or palpitations, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite, insomnia, paranoia and anxiety. This sometimes leads to the introduction of other medications to manage the side effects, and the cycle could get out of control with time. 

Adderall and Adderall alternatives are addictive, and withdrawal can be uncomfortable. These include fatigue, a significant lack of energy, lack of motivation, increased appetite and mood disturbances such as mood swings, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

There are people who have horror stories of what they went through when they tried to quit the habit after years of regular use. These medications are not recommended for people who have addictive tendencies.

Lifestyle change is effective in alleviating ADHD symptoms. Some of the lifestyle changes that have been proven to work include:

  • Eating healthy. This means cutting out processed foods as the excess sugar, food additives and food colors do worsen hyperactivity. Wholesome meals provide the brain with the nutrients it needs for optimal performance. 
  • Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity improves circulation, leading to a rush of oxygen into the brain. This releases the feel-good neurotransmitters without necessarily using medications such as Adderall and Adderall alternatives to achieve the same results.
  • Exercising discipline. This means training oneself to stay with a task until it is completed whether one feels like doing it or not. Breaking down a task into manageable steps, use of daily-to-do-lists and a system of reward and punishment is helpful in this sort of training. 
  • Accepting that not everyone will excel in academics. Some children will do well in extra-curricular activities such as sports, music or art. They will be able to live productive lives even though they will probably not perform too well in academics. 

It is not necessary to medicate children in order to make them excel at stuff they are completely bored with. The downside of using stimulants is that it leads to learned helplessness. There is no longer the will to push oneself or to invest in learning coping mechanisms since all that one needs to do is to pop a pill and the motivation to accomplish that boring task kicks in. 


There is a lot that can be done to train children to manage themselves without resulting to drugs. 

Medications have potential risks, and they should not be taken for recreational purposes. They should be taken with caution and under medical supervision.