Rising Levels of Anxiety In A Digital World

In this modern age, the internet has made numerous conveniences available at the click of a button. It is now easier than ever to travel, get anything delivered to your doorstep and connect with your loved ones. However, while the internet has clear advantages, there is a downside to these digital connections as well. They can lead to heightened social anxiety and digital dependence.

Today, we are more stressed out than ever before. People have long commutes, multiple responsibilities and are constantly connected through their phones and social media. Studies have found that being digitally connected is distracting, addictive and leads to higher levels of anxiety. It also has an adverse impact on productivity, health, and relationships. The lack of restorative, quality sleep leaves us feeling tired and on edge.

Failing social skills, an increase in anxiety and exposure to electromagnetic radiation are just some of the emotional and physical health challenges that are on the rise. Recent research has shown that some people actually exhibit immediate physical symptoms when digital devices are out of reach. Technology can be an enormous source of tension for many people.

While stress is an inevitable part of life, we don’t have to suffer from constant anxiety and worrying thoughts. There are ways to find a sense of calm, even in the most challenging circumstances. The two primary forms of treatment for anxiety are counseling and medication. Many people also find success with a combination of the two.

Some health supplements that can help are gabapentin, phenibut, and noopept. These are interesting compounds that can impact your mood, thought process and perception of certain things. Rather than giving you superhuman abilities, nootropics work to enhance the mental strength that you've already built. They may not transform you into a genius but can give your brain a significant boost.

Gabapentin was initially developed to treat seizures but has also been proven to be useful for people suffering from anxiety, depression or other mood disorders. Phenibut is used as a sleep aid, anti-anxiety medication, and nootropic. It is a cognitive enhancer, mood booster and is also useful in treating sleeping and post-traumatic stress disorders. 

Noopept is a nootropic supplement that is designed to enhance cognitive abilities. It is considered to be one the most potent and effective nootropics. The side effects of these supplements are relatively minor, and they are safer than most other drugs available on the market. 

Additionally, there are apps that use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to make us more aware of our emotional triggers and irrational beliefs. Exercising regularly, following a nutritious diet or periods of digital detox are also effective ways of combating stress and anxiety.

The Infographic below can help you understand stress related disorders better and find out about the new treatments available.

Rising Levels of Anxiety In A Digital World

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