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How Modafinil Gave My Life A Positive Change

You've got to admit, sometimes a routine can be a real downer, especially when you're someone who'd prefer to stay home than go out. For the longest time, people I knew called me lazy, lethargic, couch potato and so on. And really, I didn't complain because they were right. I've always been a very lazy and rather sleepy person, which worked fine for me through college, but not so much when it came down to getting a job and starting off my career. 

My Typical Day 

So I'd have to report to work at least by 10 am, which was okay with me because I woke up even earlier for college, but it seemed like the most tedious task one week into the routine. I was perpetually caught sleeping on my desk one day, and my boss was rather unhappy about it. From then on I even earned the title of "desk potato", which wasn't going to look great on my resume. 

I'd finish work, barely staying awake through the day, then get back home and get absolutely nothing done. No chores, no laundry, just nothing. I'd throw myself into the couch and fall asleep, sometimes skipping dinner and just waking up the next day and hurrying off to work. The cycle was tiresome, something I wasn't too proud of, and that's when I finally decided to take things into my hands and change my course.

Getting Acquainted With Nootropics 

When I first read about nootropics, it felt like reading something off a sci-fi novel. Smart wonder drugs that help boost your brain's performance? I'm sold!
Of course, real life is a whole other thing so I had to be careful about what I was taking. I first learned about nootropics from the world wide web, and then found out that 2 of my colleagues at work were also using them. 

Nootropics are designed to give your cognitive function a healthy and safe boost, and also improve your physical and mental capacity. The great thing is that there are a bunch of nootropics that are each designed to tackle a different problem, be it sleep apnea, appetite issues, depression, anxiety, lethargy and so on. So, once I understood that nootropics were a safe pick for me, I moved on to narrowing it down. 

Why I chose Modafinil

Out of all the nootropics I read about, Modafinil seemed to fit my bill the best. It's a smart drug designed to make a person more active, up to 10-12 hours after consumption, and also reduces the tendency to fall asleep at odd times. It also boosts your cognitive responses and makes you quicker and more agile, something that I desperately needed in my life. I read quite a few testaments about Modafinil, with people claiming that it completely changed their lives around and gave them a sense of purpose and enthusiasm to be better and more successful. 

I also learned that I could get a prescription for Modafinil or just purchase it online, whichever worked for me. So, I went ahead and made the purchase, and I could already feel the adrenaline rushing through me! 

A Week on Modafinil 

Well, the package finally arrived and I was super excited to start my dosage. I had read online that 200 mg was the ideal dosage to take for an adult, but I decided to take only 100 mg for the first few days, just to be on the safer side. Day 1 was quite interesting, because I didn't have the urge to fall asleep on my desk and I also had the energy to stay back and work for half an hour extra. I did, however, end up not doing any chores again and fell asleep quite early.

Day 3 was much better, because I woke up earlier than my alarm was set and I also managed to make a cup of coffee and relax for a while before leaving for work. 

Day 5 was when I decided to up my dosage to 200 mg, and it was probably the best decision I ever made. Not only did I have a fantastic day at work, I also managed to come home, do all my chores, clean up the place and also stayed up later than usual and watched my favorite movie with a friend.

And, despite having slept late, I managed to wake up on time the next day and not feel fatigued or tired at all! In fact I felt like a rejuvenated person, and the result showed on my face too. Everyone at work noticed as well, and my boss's frown seemed to have diminished a bit.

A Few Precautions

I would definitely suggest not overdoing the drug, because my enthusiasm often makes me do stupid things. Taking more than the prescribed dosage might have adverse effects, so I stayed smart and only stuck to my regular dosage. Another tip would be to take a few breaks from the drug every now and then, just so that you don't end up building a tolerance to the drug. In such a case, you might feel like the drug isn't working on you anymore, and nobody wants that result. And, of course, make the most of your renewed energy! Start exercising, eat healthier, maybe even take up a sport or hobby, so that all that enthusiasm is being put to good use. 

If you're someone who suffers from insomnia, I'd suggest consulting a doctor, just to make sure that Modafinil is the right nootropic for you to choose. 

In Conclusion 

Modafinil is great! It gave me exactly the results I was looking for, and I'm definitely sticking to using it regularly. However, I did do a lot of research and digging around before taking the drug, so don't just blindly start taking something you don't know much about. If modafinil can turn a couch potato like me into an always active, always up and about person, then it can definitely do wonders for you too! 

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