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Why Modafinil Might Be the New Remedy for Depression

I visited a professional for my depression only a few months ago, and I was glad I reached out to someone and got the help I needed. Of course, counseling sessions were also teamed with controlled medication, and I continued to go on with my daily life and routine from thereon. I couldn't complain much, I thought I was doing the maximum best that I could for myself, until a friend of mine with a similar disorder told me about her new quick fix. 

Reading about Modafinil

Modafinil is a drug that I had almost never heard of until a short while ago, and I was obviously intrigued about why it was called a "smart drug". Apparently, from what articles and word of mouth told me, modafinil acted as a catalyst and pretty much fast-tracked the functioning of the mind and body. So anyone who felt constantly lazy and fatigued would be able to perform better and feel more active with a controlled dosage of modafinil. 

Honestly, I was relieved when I learned this because my depression had turned me into a rather dull and slow person. I wasn't as motivated as before to begin a new day and get my work done. Most of the time I was just tired after doing minimal work and couldn't wait to just fall asleep anywhere I found space. Even my close friends noticed that I wasn't as active as I should be, and it had bothered me for quite some time.

Depression is a tricky disorder that way; it doesn't work the same way for everyone. For some, it can cause severe mood swings and even eating disorders and for others, like myself, it can cause unnecessary fatigue and lethargy throughout the day. I've been feeling a lack of motivation and drive for quite some time now, and of course, that has adversely affected many spheres of my life. My doctor did suggest regular exercising and other de-stressing activities as a method to combat my lethargy, but I really couldn't get myself to get off my bed on some days and get things done.

Modafinil with anti-depressants

Now, as I learned that Modafinil would make me more active, I was obviously wondering if consuming this drug alongside my anti-depressants was going to cause any serious side effects. I mean, I'm no doctor, but mixing medication is never a great idea. 

Modafinil is a Nootropic, which is basically a smart drug that has various benefits for the brain and cognitive functions. These come in many variants which target different issues and problems, and are obviously composed differently for the same reason. I had also read about Armodafinil, a refined version of Modafinil, but I wanted to play it safe at the beginning and see how this went first. 

So, I went ahead and did some more research, after which I found out that taking a smaller dosage of modafinil along with my anti-depressants was actually going to boost my progress and make me feel a lot better! Hence, there was no way I wasn't going to give this chance a shot. 

The Dosage

For about 2 weeks, in the beginning, I consumed not more than 100 mg of modafinil along with my usual dosage of anti-depressants. And, much to my delight, I found myself feeling a lot more awake and motivated almost instantly! On day 2 I was able to stay up longer and finish my household work as well. By one week, I was smiling a lot more, talking to more people, and I really didn't have that pressing urge to take untimely naps either.

However, like I said, everyone's depression disorder works differently. Since mine was mainly causing problems of fatigue and tiresomeness, modafinil was the right nootropic to opt for. For me, Modafinil was the right choice because a small dosage was able to increase my energy levels and also elevate my mood, eliminating my pressing problem of feeling tired all the time. Of course, my number one suggestion would always be to consult a doctor and keep them in the loop of what you're consuming and how you're feeling, just in case there's a situation where things don't work out for you. And, if Modafinil does show you results like it did for me, then you're going to love it as much as I do! 

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