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Why Long Jack Root is Such A Popular Supplement

Long Jack root comes from a plant that is scientifically named Eurycoma longifolia, which is a tree natively found in different parts of Southeast Asia and comes in a shrub-like form. 

In Indonesia, this plant is also called "pasak bumi" and in Malaysia, it's known as "tongkat ali". These are the two countries that mainly supply long jack supplements to most of the world. This plant has been used by different tribes over decades, all over the world, for its antibacterial, antipyretic and even antiviral properties. However, its roots and bark are also particularly famous for their use as an aphrodisiac. In countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and even Singapore, long jack is considered a good elixir for general health and longevity. It is also used as a key ingredient in some energy drinks found in southeast Asia. 

In fact, this particular plant is so used and popular in Malaysia that they have listed it as a protected species and take special measures to protect the plant. They also grow the plant as a crop and harvest its roots and bark, which is then exported worldwide. 

What else can long jack supplements be used for? 

They are also used today by athletes, bodybuilders, and men in general who might be suffering from sexual dysfunctions and disorders. This supplement is apparently useful for increasing one's sex drive and also improving their sexual performance and vigor. 

These supplements can help weightlifters with additional strength and also increase testosterone levels in the body, along with increasing the secretion of growth hormones as well. This is probably why the plant has become so popular in multiple parts of the world over time, and some athletes have testified to using the supplements very religiously. 

What are the basic advantages? 

Helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men Increase of secretion of growth hormones in the body Increase in secretion of testosterone in the male body Helping the body and muscles recover quicker after a strenuous and intense workout Increasing performance in terms of strength and agility in athletes Helping with developing an elevated mood and also increase energy in terms of mental state Improved sex drive and libido and also better performance sexually. There are also a number of other benefits of long jack supplements that have been claimed, but haven't been substantiated by enough clinical and scientific research. Since these supplements are relatively new to global markets, a lot of researchers have taken up the challenge of understanding what more this substance has to offer and also what its side effects are. 

Are long jack supplements safe to use? 

These supplements increase the general flow of hormones and energy in the body, so they might cause side effects like insomnia, feeling constantly restless or even anxiety. Hence, it is probably better to consume them a little early on in the day and not towards night time. And when it comes to dosage, one must be very careful because they don't come with standard levels of active ingredients. A good option would be to start slow and then slowly increase the dosage, which would help with assessing whether one's body can actually get accustomed to the supplements or not. 

Many professionals also suggest purchasing long jack supplements only from licensed shops and portals, because there are many fake and adulterated products doing the rounds in the unlicensed markets, which could pose potential problems for the health.
The side effects of long jack supplements haven't been studied thoroughly enough to give a full diagnosis of how good or bad they might be. There are also other issues like safety of usage for young girls, pregnant women, those who already suffer from issues like insomnia, or who have a weak immunity system or are prone to heart problems; all these groups are advised to not use these supplements as they may cause adverse effects and also slow down their progress.

There are a lot of different companies and brands in the market today that are manufacturing and selling long jack supplements in the market, both in-store and also online. Before choosing to purchase and use any of these, it's always safer for one to consult a licensed practitioner and make sure that it is absolutely safe for them to go ahead and start using. 

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